What is a backup service?

A backup service, also known as Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), is a service designed for companies, for backup, storage, and recovery of data and files. Having your data backed up and disaster recovery are not the same thing by default, instead it is a stepping stone for a disaster recovery plan. A backup is having your data replicated somewhere, disaster recovery means a plan and guarantee for its recovery.

How does a backup service help your business?

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"“...What we have done through our partnership with Macquarie Telecom is focus on achieving economies of scale; in the long term saving us millions of dollars without having to invest in building our own facilities or managing them...” "

Steve McEwan
Technical Services Manager, UTS
Macquarie Cloud Services partners with the University of Technology Sydney providing back up as a service

So what do we offer?

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Macquarie Cloud Services have an Australian virtual data centre or virtual data center or virtualdatacentre with a powerful cpu
Macquarie Cloud Services Australian colocation - fitted cages.

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