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Why a load balancer?

A load balancer distributes IT workloads across servers to optimise server utilisation (in sessions and CPU wait-time), support resiliency (bypassing down servers) and provide the flexibility to add or subtract servers as required. It does so between application layers, databases and even availability zones. But not all load balancing alternatives are created equal.

Solutions Designed for You. Not Us.

From colocation, to private and hybrid cloud, we’ve become Australia’s most-recommended provider by providing tailored solutions with personally accountable service. Rather than a single offering, we deliver a range of Load Balancer solutions that can be used together with our own LaunchTM Private cloud, or as standalone offerings to support Dedicated, Colocated or WAN based solutions. All backed by over 200 engineers security cleared to government standards over here, not over there.

Our Capabilities.

  • Firewall

    Low complexity solutions.

    Load balancer functionality is available as a standard inclusion with Enterprise-grade Fortinet Firewall services.

  • Control panel icon

    Scaling complexity.

    We deploy managed Enterprise-grade F5 Virtual appliances with near real time monitoring for specific functions such as: i. Pool usage ii. Traffic by node iii. Total concurrent session

  • Dedicated servers icon

    Dedicated Solutions.

    As requirements increase further, physical dedicated F5 Load Balancer devices are available, deployed in always-available architectures including active-active or master-slave deployments.

  • Checklist

    High availability solutions.

    When uptime is critical and Always On solutions are needed, we add the option of Global Server Load Balancing to complement fully Active-Active Multiple Availability Zone Internet services.

Benefits of Our Load Balancer.

  • Selective control and deep insight into your own load balancer status.
  • Performance that is uncontended with any other customer (dedicated to a single tenant, in either physical or virtual form factor.
  • SSL offload capabilities with the dedicated physical devices.
  • Implementation of customer-written and specified rules (with iRules) to provide very granular control off traffic distribution.
  • Easy portability and familiar interface if you already have F5 devices.
  • Flexible implementation with either virtual devices or physical devices. Virtual devices are more common, but physical devices are more appropriate if you have explicit compliance requirements.

"A business might decide to distribute its workload across a platform for a number of reasons. Speed is a particularly important one, and often the main driver where sites with high traffic are concerned. But introducing a load balancer also makes a platform more reliable through its inherent redundancy."

Product Manager
Adam, Product Manager

Tailored to Your Requirements.

Scalable. Flexible. Powerful.

Load Balancing strategies need to be as flexible and powerful as the applications they serve. Our flexible-by-design solutions can be customised to use:

  1. Round Robin.
  2. Weighted.
  3. Least connections.
  4. Or Customised traffic management profiles

Talk to our cloud architects today, about how optimised design can free resources for what you value most.

What to Look for When You’re Looking.

  • Peace of mind. Our load balancing features a full 99.9% Service Level Guarantee
  • Granular control with user-written and specified rules (iRules).
  • In a Software Defined Data Centre world, API control is a must to oversee elastic or horizontally scalable environments.
  • Pre-defines Role-based access controls (RBAC) to simplify your management and optimisation.
  • The option of dedicated physical or virtual options.
  • SSL offload capabilities for dedicated physical devices.
  • Streamlines portability and user interface for F5 device users.

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Our load balancing comes with a 99.9% SLG. Coupled with being Australia's most recommended cloud and colocation provider.

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