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Google Cloud Interconnect

What is Google Cloud Interconnect?

Google Cloud Interconnect provides direct connectivity and RFC1918 communications between your Macquarie Cloud Services Colocation or LAUNCHTM network and Google’s network. Interconnect lets you transfer large pools of data between networks more effectively than using VPN tunnels or purchasing additional bandwidth over the public internet, using fewer ‘hops’ to  reduce the risk of delay, drop-outs or disruptions.

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Thank you for contacting us.

Connecting workloads between your office, colocation, and Google Cloud has never been easier.

Getting your apps up and running is just the start. Connecting to services and tiered workloads can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. With our long-standing heritage as a business facing Telco, our deeply interconnected Data Centres, network integration with ICON (government) and AARnet (education) and local NV1 CMND engineers, we deliver end-to-end solutions with the technologies and partners you know and trust.

It’s what’s made us Australia’s most-recommended provider. With Cloud Services Gateway for Google Cloud Partner Interconnect, your office, colocated services, and LAUNCH Hybrid and Private cloud services can all be connected directly to Google Cloud for:

  • Increased security – your link is your own, and part of your wider defence-in-depth framework.
  • Lower latency – with a direct, known, short path straight from your service to Google.
  • Heavily reduced data egress charges.


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Macquarie Cloud Services are Australia’s specialists in cloud services for business and government. We create flexible, secure Colocation, Hybrid and Private Cloud solutions with industry standard platforms and certifications including ISM, ISO270001 and PCI.

We back our own sovereign Australian data centres and Telco capabilities with a team of NV1 certified Hosting Mangerment Centre (HMC) and CMND engineers over here, not over there. Together, it’s made us Australia’s most-recommended provider1.

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