Launch™ Health Cloud.

When the heart of your business is healthcare data, your software and services need a cloud that is highly available and highly secure. Macquarie Cloud Services provides cloud services to over 40% of all federal government agencies and to healthcare specialists nationally. Our Health Cloud is compliant with all current and planned Department of Human Services (DHS) security requirements. We build it this way so you can focus on running your business while we handle everything else.

Part of a solution is no solution at all.

Greenlight ITC provides managed IT services to a range of Australian mid-market organisations. For Greenlight customers in the healthcare space, the ability to move to a secure health cloud compliant provider quickly and seamlessly is a must. Partnering with Macquarie Cloud Services was a straight forward decision.

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Our healthcare solution has all you need.

The Macquarie Launch™ Health Cloud has all you need to run your healthcare applications optimally and keep your customers happy:

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    We are an Australian company with a 24x7 always-on cloud that hosts your data securely onshore within the Australian Government’s jurisdiction.

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    We deliver dedicated health solutions with a team of 100+ Australian engineers, vetted by the Australian Government and given NV1 security clearance.

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    And the Australian Signals Directorate has designated us one of the few ASD certified cloud providers for sensitive PROTECTED data, with solutions powered by Macquarie Government.

Keep your data safe and your services compliant.

The healthcare sector is responsible for more mandatory data breach reports than any other1.  In addition, the Government’s goalposts for cybersecurity are always moving. Choosing a cloud provider without DHS certification means you can’t register new products, and your DHS platform access will not be renewed.

Our cloud services will keep you compliant with DHS requirements from the minute you sign up. At Macquarie Cloud Services, we’re committed to keeping our cloud accredited and secure at all times, and to meeting new requirements far ahead of any deadlines – together, these mean your products are never under threat.

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Download the Greenlight Customer Story

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Thanks. Please download your copy of the"Greenlight ITC Customer Story.".

Why Cloud? Why Macquarie Cloud Services?

Healthcare data is highly sensitive, especially personally identifiable data. To help ensure sensitive data is protected throughout its supply chain, the DHS now requires providers to implement security controls that are commensurate with the sensitivity of the data they handle.

Mandatory now:

  • Australian Signal Directorate’s CCSL certification.
  • Data sovereignty  – All data must remain onshore within the Australian Government’s jurisdiction.

Highly desirable now and mandatory from June 2020:

  • Physical separation of server infrastructure.
  • Those working with the data need to be Australian citizens with government security clearance (NV1).


Comparing cloud solutions can be challenging, but you don’t have to take our word that our Health Cloud is suitable for your needs. In addition to their DHS certification, our Intelligent Data Centres have been independently certified:

  • PCI ready hosting (meeting the Payment Card Information Data Security Standard )
  • High availability hosting : a minimum service level guarantee of 99.95% availability per calendar month, with an option of 100%.
  • ISO27001 data security certification
  • Government Information Security Manual (ISM) ICT certification
  • Industry-specific certifications for overlapping sectors, such as CAUDIT for education (Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology)

Our Health Cloud is an evergreen cloud: there’s no need to upgrade your cloud service or worry about compliance when the rules change.