Backup is simplified for cloud and colocation.

As your organisation grows so does your data. Protecting your distributed data in multiple data centres and the cloud does not have to be complicated.

Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) is an Enterprise class service, offering strong data protection for all your servers anywhere in Australia. We look at your data protection differently. Our hardened systems and processes ensure your data is securely backed up, kept onshore in Australia and with guaranteed geographic diversity.

Features and benefits of our BaaS.

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    Kept onshore

    We guarantee that your data always stays in Australia. We host the backup infrastructure in our multiple data centres in Australia.

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    Our security cleared and certified staff and hardened processes ensure your data is backed up.

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    We use private network connectivity. We encrypt the data so your data is always secured.

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    Central visibility and control

    A single pane of glass for your server ecosystem on the service that provides full visibility and control. You can self -restore files at any time.

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    Flexible backup, retention and archival

    Backup all types of data and enterprise applications. Choose recovery points from 14 days to 7 years. Archive on disks for up to 7 years and restore rapidly.

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    Single backup solution

    You can centralise backup of all your servers located on-premise, third party data centres, our data centres and cloud platforms in Australia. We also provide private and secure network connectivity.

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    Efficient and reliable

    Rapid backup and recovery due to advanced de-duplication and low bandwidth use. Highly available storage infrastructure design. Disk based backup offers high reliability and removes associated risks.

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    IT budget friendly

    No capital commitment. Let your highly skilled IT staff focus on core functions and let us manage mundane backup tasks. Our flexible pricing options will save you costs.

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    Highly scalable

    As your business grows we will backup all your data from a few GB's to hundreds of TB's and beyond.

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    Disaster avoidance

    We always backup your data to an offsite location to the primary data. Ensuring your data availability in the event of a disaster.

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    Compliance and certifications

    Our data centres and services are certified for PCI DSS Ver 3.2.1 and ISO 27001:2013.

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    24 x 365 local Australian support

    Highly skilled engineers, located in our diverse Hosting Management Centres in Australia monitor and manage the service 24/7.

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Macquarie Cloud Services Backup as a Service.

Your data is kept in one of our intelligent data centres (we call them Intellicentres or IC), either IC1 or IC2 data centres in Australia. All our data centres are connected using private, secure MPLS core network. Your data on-premise or in a third party data centre will be transported via a secure private connection to one of our facilities. Flexibility of our technology supports multiple Operating Systems including; Windows, Linux and Solaris. We support virtualised environments on VMware. BaaS supports Microsoft enterprise applications including; SQL, Exchange and SharePoint. BaaS will efficiently backup structured, unstructured, media, and various data types.

Macquarie Cloud Services provides backup as a service (also known as back up or BaaS) diagram

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    Simple set-up

    We'll deploy our Backup-as-a-Service agent on your server - virtual or physical. Simply indicate the data level of either the virtual machine, the file system, or the database (*where supported).

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    Faster backup

    Perform full daily back up of your data at your chosen retention period (from 14 days up to 7-years). De-duplication ensures only changed data is transferred from client to server minimizing network load and ensuring quick backup windows.

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    Instant restore

    Backups are ready to restore from our secure online portal.

We back(up) education.

"What we have done through our partnership with Macquarie Telecom is focus on achieving economies of scale; in the long term saving us millions of dollars without having to invest in building our own facilities or managing them..."

Steve McEwan
Technical Services Manager, UTS
Macquarie Cloud Services provide colocation cloud hosting and cloud services for University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

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