A journey to Macquarie’s award winning ‘Azure Managed’ service offering.

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Orora customer success story.

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About Orora.

Orora are a global manufacturer, distributor and visual communication solutions company with more than 3.8k team members located across 7x countries.

In February of 2019, a partnership was formed that would see Macquarie deliver SD-WAN network and Internet Security Gateway services to Orora. Wind forward to June of 2020, and Orora were now seeking a new hosting provider – one that could migrate them away from their existing data centre provider and deliver an all new innovative service.

The project.

After careful consideration and positioning by Macquarie, Microsoft Azure was selected by Orora as their preferred public cloud platform of choice. Macquarie’s ‘Azure Managed’ service was also selected by Orora – as it offered the following key advantages:

  • A managed service built exclusively for Microsoft Azure
  • A greenfield approach to tansition from the incumbent DC provider and into Azure
  • A Landing Zone in Azure built to best practices
  • Greatly improved spend control
  • A service description that majors on:
    • Resource Optimisation
    • Compliance
    • Governance
    • Security

From June through to November, the Macquarie team worked closely with Orora to successfully design, build and transition to an Azure Services architecture featuring (as core Azure services):

  • VNETs, Route Tables, Route Filters, Network Security Groups, Private Endpoints
  • Windows VMs, Managed Disks, Availability Sets
  • Managed Databases – SQL Managed Instances, SQL on VMs.
    • Having migrated from:
      • 1 x SQL Server 2016
      • 2 x SQL Server 2014
      • 4 x SQL Server 2012
  • ExpressRoute Circuit
  • Key Vaults
  • Log Analytics Workspaces
  • Automation Accounts, Runbooks
  • Azure DNS
  • And more…

The project has been successful, and a true partnership has now been formed.

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Chris Noon

Head of Infrastructure

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