When enrolling Azure subscriptions and reservations as part of an Enterprise Agreement, a few additional details are required during the on-boarding process. These details allow our tool to extract billing information about your Azure resources.

The following steps help you find the information you’ll need to provide to the Macquarie Lens tool, and steps you can take to prevent us accessing the your billing information in future.

Gathering Enterprise Enrollment Details

When you on-board to Macquarie Lens, and you have one or more Azure subscriptions attributed to an Enterprise Agreement Enrollment we need you to enter a few additional details.

These steps help you gather the following information. You might like to create a text file to keep track of each of the required fields:

  • Enrollment Number
  • Enrollment Name
  • Commitment Term
  • Commitment Amount
  • Commitment Start Date
  • API Access Key
  • API Access Key Expiration Date

  • 1

    Login to the EA Portal.

    Log in to the Azure Enterprise Agreement Portal.

    Enterprise Agreement Portal
  • 2

    Locate the Enrollment Details.

    Locate the Enrollment Number in the top left corner of the page below the Microsoft logo. This value is entered into the field Enrollment ID.

    Select an appropriate name for the Enrollment. This can be anything, as long as we can use it to identify the EA enrollment with the given ID. This value is entered into the field Enrollment Name.

  • 3

    Locate the Commitment details.

    In the EA Portal, click the enrollment you would like to add.

    Go to the Reports menu. The chart that appears contains the relevant information:

    • In the leftmost bar, locate the blue square indicator. Hover the mouse over the square to get your Commitment Amount.
    • The first month in the month-range dropdown above the chart is the month when your commitment started. The Commitment Start Date is the first day of that month.

    These values are entered into the fields Commitment Amount and Commitment Start Date respectively.

    Record the commitment term, 1 or 3 years based on your contract with Microsoft, and select the appropriate option in the Commitment Term field.

  • 4

    Locate an API Access Key and Access Key Expiration Date.

    From the left menu, click Reports, select the Download Usage tab, and then open the API Access Key page.

    The user generating the API Access Key must be an administrator in the Enrollment, otherwise, Macquarie Cloud Services is unable to use the key to access the relevant usage reports.

    Depending on the status of the API Key, take one of these actions:

    • No Key was generated: Click Generate.
    • Key was generated and has not expired: Click expand key.
    • Key was generated but has expired (i.e. the current date is past the end of the Effective Date): Click regenerate.

    Copy and paste the API Access Key into the API Access Key field, and take note of the API Key expiration date and enter into the API Key Expiration Date field in dd/mm/yyyy format.

Revoking Access

To revoke access to Macquarie Cloud Services, please revoke or regenerate the API Access Key from the API Access Link in the EA Azure Portal. This will disconnect our environment’s access to your EA enrollment.

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