Future Proof your SAP environment.

With Microsoft Azure by Macquarie Cloud Services.

Recently there’s been a rise in the number of organisations wanting to re-platform and migrate SAP to Azure.

Business transformation needs flexibility, value, innovation and most importantly a risk-free transition.

Businesses are faced with two key challenges.

Our Managed Azure service and partnership with leading SAP specialist ‘Realtech’ come together to address these challenges head-on.

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Azure is the SAP preferred platform.

Purpose built by Microsoft, Azure native services like Security Centre, Azure Policy, Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery all tightly integrate with SAP to offer an optimised and risk mitigated services architecture.

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Why Microsoft Azure for SAP?

Azure is a proven environment for SAP. With thousands of reference customers globally, and unrivalled security, compliance and innovation all baked in. Microsoft Azure is the home of SAP and is the only cloud platform to receive the ‘preferred’ level of endorsement from SAP. Customer-specific reference architectures provided by Macquarie and validated by Microsoft are the product of years of successful deployments and represent global best-practice.

  • The SAP preferred platform.

    Purpose-built SAP certified Azure workloads combine with Azure native services like Security Centre, Azure Policy, Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery – all tightly integrated, optimised and risk mitigated. Microsoft and SAP are aligned globally and strategically – expressed in partnership within the Azure platform.

    SAP Preferred Platform | Azure Public Cloud
  • Optimise Cost | Azure Public Cloud

    Optimise Costs.

    Bring your existing on-premises SQL Server licenses, RHEL or SLES subscriptions to Azure and save up to 85% compared to standard PAYG rates. By combining Azure Hybrid Benefit, Azure Reservations & Macquarie’s ongoing optimisations as part of Azure Managed – you’ve achieve the lowest total cost of ownership for your environment.

  • Extended Support.

    Microsoft offers three-year extended support for select legacy Operating Systems – exclusively available to Azure. This gives you more time to decide the most appropriate course of action for any legacy systems that may accompany your SAP migration; without incurring additional risk.

    Azure Extended Support | Azure Public Cloud

Azure Managed for SAP offers:

100% uncapped changes on Azure.

Including changes to the services architecture, new projects and ideas, anything new or altered on Azure as related to Azure services.

Elastic consumption and service charging.

With Azure you’ll only pay for what you use. And as a bonus, our Managed Services fee is linked.

End-to-end management.

Monitoring and maintenance of your Azure service architecture – 24×7.

Macquarie Cloud Services. Australia’s fastest growing dedicated Azure practice.

Migrating your SAP environment to Azure with Macquarie Cloud Services gives you access to Microsoft Azure experts who are ready to provide you with unparalleled architectural, migration and deployment assistance.

  • 1

    Commercial Benefits

    • The Macquarie – Microsoft strategic partnership of 18 years brings significant commercial advantages.
    • Use of Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHUB) for zero Microsoft licensing costs in Azure.
    • CSP licencing & Azure consumption discounts.
    • Enrolment in Microsoft’s Azure Migration Programme (AMP) providing upskilling and training for your organisation
  • 2

    A Formidable Partnership

    • Macquarie Cloud Services has joined forces with leading SAP Partner Realtech to ensure a smooth and risk free transition to Azure.
    • Microsoft and Macquarie Cloud Services meet weekly to discuss in-progress projects, accelerated delivery, Microsoft’s roadmap, funding programs and more.
    • 24/7 Azure support from our Hosting Management Centre (HMC) with access to Microsoft Premier support queues.

Four pillars of service on Azure Managed for SAP.

From a self-managed service that provides extra support to a fully-managed service offering. Managed Azure from Macquarie Cloud Services for SAP is flexible, so you can be, too.

  • Azure for SAP | Optimisation


    Resource optimisation to ensure right mix and sizing of services.

  • Azure for SAP | Compliance


    In line with Managed Azure defaults and ISO27001 and PCI DSS.

  • Azure for SAP | Governance


    Design and implementation of policies such as resource tagging.

  • Azure for SAP | Security


    Including service hardening and more.

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