Choosing a cloud vendor is tricky.

Some you have no control of, with others you need to do everything. How do you find a provider that genuinely cares for your business and tailors the right solution?

Enter Macquarie Cloud Services. Cloud Hosting

We’re a passionate team of experienced and insightful consultants, architects and engineers – all of whom are cloud specialists.

No single technology fits every need. So, when we couldn’t find the perfect cloud we built our own. We allow you the flexibility to control your own resources or let us manage it for you. All sensibly priced.

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We let you access the same technology we use.

We built an environment based on world-class technology through partnerships including VMWare, Cisco, and EMC. Not some proprietary technology that locks you in. This lets you use the same tools you already have experience with and access the full breadth of our capabilities.

It’s not just traditional compute and storage either. We can also add into the mix:

  • Multiple availability zones
  • Fault tolerant infrastructure
  • Dedicated or multi-tenant environments
  • Fully-managed or self-managed
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security services
  • Backup
  • Live migration
  • Reporting tools

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Here's the perfect way, to build the perfect cloud environment.


    Let’s plan.

    Planning involves our specialists listening to you. Your needs. Your expectations. And your long-term strategic view. We’ll work with you to make plans to provide immediate capacity relief, new projects or end-to-end design for application integration and data migration to all environments.


    Let’s build.

    Instead of choosing from pre-built server sizes, we allow you to mix and match CPU, memory and storage so you can get everything you need, and nothing you don't. This can include SAN based high-performance storage, to multi-layer high bandwidth networking to reduce bottlenecks.


    Let’s keep it running.

    We’ll manage and run your cloud for you. Or, if you prefer, you can do it yourself. We can provide additional pre-built templates as well as OS patching and backup solutions that you can leverage. All available with our help, or help yourself through our online portal.

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"The infrastructure provided by Macquarie Telecom is up there with the best."

Jonathan Williams
Marketing & Regional Sales Manager, eCorner

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