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Turn hybrid aspirations into hybrid reality with Macquarie Flex.

In the world of cloud, one size doesn’t fit all.

More than half of global data is stored in public clouds like Microsoft Azure, and with good reason. Businesses can unlock scalability, flexibility and access to a wide array of innovative services and technologies – all without the upfront investment of physical infrastructure.

However, some workloads are better suited to a private cloud. Perhaps you’ve got data with specific security and compliance needs; or operational workloads that need to be at the edge of your operations, close to the mission-critical work and equipment that makes your business tick.

Overall, the hybrid cloud value proposition is clear: when you’ve got the right workload in the right place, you’ll reap the benefits of each environment and avoid any pitfalls.

However, in reality, getting hybrid cloud “right” can be challenging. You’ll need to ensure seamless integration between on-premises and cloud infrastructure, and manage complex data security and compliance issues across environments – all without compromising performance and end-user experience.

Hybrid Cloud. No longer a pipe dream.

Macquarie Flex is built to support your hybrid cloud strategy and deliver tangible outcomes.

Tailored Cloud Strategy

Fearlessly target workloads at the relevant platform and be strategic about how you manage your budgets.

Consistent experience

Experience a familiar cloud management experience in public or private cloud without compromise.

Mission critical service & support

24x7 support by a provider that intimately understands your business and cloud footprint.


Automatic monitoring, maintenance, policies, security, update management and controls.

Need support to start your Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

Macquarie Flex - underpinned by Managed Azure

Introducing Macquarie Flex.

Macquarie Flex, powered by Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and DELL Technologies APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure, brings together Macquarie Cloud Services Launch Private Cloud with Microsoft Azure so you can:

Macquarie Flex allows you to:

Deploy icon, Azure public cloud

Deploy and run sensitive/compliance-driven workloads in a private cloud whilst leveraging the benefits Azure.

High-Speed/Multi-Career Internet Access

Diversify deployment locations to improve commercial viability or gain greater performance in cloud over native Azure.

Treat private cloud workloads as first-class citizens of Azure.

Leverage Hybrid benefits (licensing) in a private cloud.

Monitor, alert, report, backup, secure, manage, and govern virtual servers through one toolset.

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Comply with industry standards though Azure automation & policies.

Seamless Integration and Support

Leverage fully-managed Azure PaaS services (SQL MI, AKS) as if running in Azure.

Apply OT & Edge use cases.

Macquarie Flex.

Powered by Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and DELL Technologies APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure.

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Ready to Flex?

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Unlock True Flexibility with Macquarie Flex.

Macquarie Cloud Services will assess workload sociability for migration to Azure Stack HCI, such that risks around network latency and costs are significantly minimised.

Management Simplicity.

Get visibility into your Azure Stack HCI resources directly in the Azure Portal. No complex jump boxes or access points.

All available from the same, familiar Azure interface.

Slava, Principal Consultant, Azure

Commercial Flexibility.


Azure Hybrid Benefit

Maximise the value of your on-premises licenses and modernize existing infra on Azure Stack HCI at no additional cost.


Save through DELL PowerFlex SDS

Scale storage independently of compute. Great when you want to manage capacity and performance requirements.


Reduce operational costs

Hand over the management of your existing infrastructure to Macquarie and reduce the time it takes for you to build, configure and connect cloud infrastructure.

Why Macquarie Cloud Services for
Azure Stack HCI?

Top-tier cloud provider.

Recognised as one of the top private cloud providers in ANZ, Macquarie Cloud Services manages one of the largest private cloud environments in the region, supported by renowned NPS-accredited customer service.

Azure expertise.

As the only Azure Expert MSP that’s also a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, you’re in secure and capable hands.

Strategic partnerships.

We’ve forged strategic partnerships, such as with DELL Technologies, ensuring access to unique offerings like APEX pricing.

Ensure compliance.

Whether it’s PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, GDPR or other compliance requirements, we’ll work with you to ensure the boxes are ticked.

Certifications Matter.

We partner with best-in-breed technology providers and go deep with certifications and credentials.

Ready to Make Hybrid Cloud Real?