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Cyber Security Specialist

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Every business has its risks, it’s how you manage them that will set you apart.

Context is everything. One size fits all doesn’t cut it for security. Each business has a unique risk profile requiring a tailored security approach.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) by Macquarie Cloud Services matches advanced threat detection, incident response, and security reporting to your business context ensuring what matters most to your business is protected, you are armed with security insights specific to your threat landscape and, in the event of an incident, you are working with a team familiar with your infrastructure and operations.

Tangible security outcomes with Macquarie Cloud Services.

Bolster your security capability with a 24X7 team of onshore security experts with 20+ years of experience securing the Australian government. Our Managed Detection and Response solution, powered by Microsoft Sentinel provides unified threat protection across devices, identities, apps, email, data and cloud workloads. You also receive:

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    Security Expertise

    Access deep security knowledge and unique threat intelligence drawn from our 20+ years of securing Australian government.

  • Current Platform Insight

    Enhanced Visibility

    Communicate your security posture to all parts of your business with multi-tiered reporting including Board Dashboards, Trend analysis and Real Time Intelligence.

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    Microsoft Gold

    Access extended Microsoft capability working with the only Australian Gold Security partner to hold Azure Expert MSP status and Microsoft Intelligent Security Association membership.

Slide Here’s how we tackle your current security challenges. CAF - Color fill box CAF - Cloud image You need Coverage. You have complex application environments and need to monitor data from multiple assets. These assets can be on-cloud or on-premise and can include different cloud and SaaS providers. Our MDR service covers:
  • Azure cloud monitoring
  • Microsoft 365
  • Third-party Apps/SaaS
  • Private Cloud
  • On-premise infrastructure
  • Third-party EDR
  • CAF - Dotted path You need SIEM
    When managing security operations, and you don’t have access to a 24×7 operations team or skilled resources to carry out diverse security operations including: threat hunting, security incident response and incident resolution strategy. CAF - Color fill box Our MDR service covers:
  • 24×7 Security Event Identification, Alerts & Escalation
  • Client Reported Security Incident Management
  • Third-party Apps/SaaS
  • Private Cloud
  • On-premise infrastructure
  • Third-party EDR
  • CAF - Dotted path CAF - Color fill box You need Connectors. You have various data sources you need to integrate in order to conduct comprehensive security incident monitoring. This can be a technical and process challenge. Our MDR service covers:
  • MCS Advanced Data Streams
  • Third-Party Apps Data Streams
  • Custom Data Connectors
  • CAF - Dotted path Your system generated security reports have no business context and don’t correlate security findings to business priorities. CAF - Color fill box
  • Standard SIEM Reports
  • Enhanced Ops Reporting
  • Executive Security Posture Report
  • Custom Reports
  • You need Reporting. Our MDR service covers: CAF - Color fill box You need Threat intelligence. CAF - Dotted path You have limited internal skills to interpret threat intelligence data from various available data sources to improve your security posture Our MDR service covers:
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence from over 40 data sources
  • Comprehensive Threat Intelligence Library
  • You have limited internal skills to build the right set of incident correlation rules to reduce false positives and identify true threats
  • MCS Advanced Correlation Library
  • MCS Comprehensive Correlation Library
  • Customer-defined Custom Analytics Rules (Detections/Use case definitions)
  • You need Incident
    correlation rules.
    Our MDR service covers: CAF - Dotted path CAF - Color fill box CAF - Cloud image CAF - Cloud image

    Certification matters.

    Our Cyber Security infrastructure, processes and skills are independently certified by both the ASD and ACSC. We’re also the only Microsoft partner to be awarded both Azure expert MSP and MISA memberships, making us the ideal choice for managed detection and response in Australia.

    Azure Expert MSP | Macquarie Cloud Services

    Microsoft Intelligent Security Association | Macquarie Cloud Services

    Microsoft Gold Partner | Macquarie Cloud Services

    Azure Expert MSP | Macquarie Cloud Services

    Microsoft Intelligent Security Association | Macquarie Cloud Services

    Microsoft Gold Partner | Macquarie Cloud Services

    Let us field your defence.

    Our threat detection is rapid, our strategic relationship with Microsoft long-standing and our teams are on hand 24 x 7. Our trusted team of professionals will be sure your environment is in secure hands.

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    Why trust us as Managed Detection and Response Providers?

    • Cyber Security Services

      Technically brilliant.

      Our proprietary Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform​, built on the Azure sentinel service, takes full advantage of the latest thinking in automation, orchestration, AI and machine learning. We are constantly evaluated and certified by both the ASD and ACSC, as well as Microsoft’s own Azure experts – resulting in the coveted Azure Expert MSP status and membership of the Microsoft Intelligence Security Association.

    • Beyond motivated.

      Almost everyone in technology will tell you: it’s not the technology, it’s the people. The managed detection and response service providers at Cyber security by Macquarie Cloud Services are surrounded by a broad, deep and highly skilled team, distributed right across the business. Our ongoing investment in training ensures skills development for the future​.

      Cyber Security Team
    • Cyber Security Partners

      Partnership​s only.

      We don’t believe in simply just outsourcing your security. We invest the time to understand your business and risk profile. We create solutions built on relationships. In a practical sense, we integrate with your team, support your existing operations and intentionally uplift your team’s knowledge and skills. Does this approach work? Our NPS of over 85 (the highest in the industry) suggests it does.

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