Backup and Disaster Recovery eGuide

Crisis? No drama

No two business are the same, or have the same goals, so no two Disaster Avoidance, Backup and Disaster Recovery designs should be the same. This guide will take your through key selection criteria for your Backup-as-a-Service and Disaster Recovery providers, including a full outline to assist in preparing your Disaster Recovery plan.

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Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery eGuide

Tape is officially old school.

The foundation of every business continuity and disaster recovery plan? Offsite storage and backup.

However, tape is difficult and slow to get going. Never mind that it can take hours or days to get data back and running again.

Cloud backup management is a full-time task – made worse by the large amounts of upfront capital needed to make it happen.

With our disk-based backup as a service, you can improve your recovery objectives (RTO/RPO) with minimum fuss and investment.

Cost-effective. Efficient. Scalable.

Macquarie Cloud Services are cloud hosting and colocation specialists offering back up as a service

Resilient Storage
Single Step Recovery
Self Service & Simplified Management
Fast, Flexible Integration
Intelligent Deduplication

Backup as a Service to the rescue.

"“...What we have done through our partnership with Macquarie Telecom is focus on achieving economies of scale; in the long term saving us millions of dollars without having to invest in building our own facilities or managing them...” "

Steve McEwan
Technical Services Manager, UTS
Macquarie Cloud Services partners with the University of Technology Sydney providing back up as a service

Backup as a Service. On the worlds best technology.

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