We have become aware of an employment scam operating overseas that uses our name and offers work from home opportunities. Please note:

  • We do not interview candidates via Google hangouts;
  • We are not recruiting overseas;
  • We will never send you a cheque to deposit on our behalf;
  • Never agree to transfer money for someone else;
  • Always check that emails purporting to be from a company originate from their email domain.

A way into the industry.

If you would like to get a start in the IT industry, then we have created a great entry pathway that we hire for throughout the year. We hire university graduates or final year students with technical degrees for our Hosting Management Centre (HMC).

We look for people with a genuine interest in technology and a knack for helping others. You’ll need to be an Australian citizen and willing to undergo government security clearance for HMC roles (you’ve probably read about some of the exciting things we do in cyber security).

What we are all about.

There’s something special about working for at Macquarie Technology Group. We’re not the biggest in the industry, where you’re just a number. We’re not tiny enough that you’ve never heard of us. We’re in that sweet spot where we’re strong enough to punch above our weight.

And we definitely do! Because of this, you have the opportunity to make a bigger difference.

  • Gallup Exceptional Workplace Global Winner.

    We’re proud to be a Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award global winner. But it’s more than just a title for us. It means we’ve created a place where employees genuinely love to work. Here, you’ll find an exceptional employee experience that we promise—and deliver.

    We’re committed to elevating the employee experience by fostering a culture of engagement. When you join us, you become part of a thriving organization where your well-being and growth are our top priorities. Are you ready to be part of something exceptional?

    Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Global Winner
  • Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award.

    We’re honored to receive the Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award, being one of only two companies in the world to win both awards.

    Don Clifton Strengths-Based Culture Award

We are big on rewards and recognition.

We’re all for rewarding great work, and we have 5 company-wide programs to show it:

Macquarie Club.

Macquarie Club.

For the top 10% performers, we award a Macquarie Club membership.

Heartbeat Club

Heartbeat Club.

Providing personal accountable service is at the heart of everything we do.

Recognition trips

Sales Club.

We know reaching targets is tough, so we award these trips every six months for our top sales performers.



We recognise people who’ve been with us for 5, 10 and 15 years in company meetings and annual dinners.

Engineers Club

Engineers Club.

Recognition and professional development program for senior engineers.

Amazing graduate program.

Macquarie Cloud Services provides university graduates with the training, experience and opportunities for an outstanding career. Through our formal training program you'll learn everything there is about hosting and Cloud Computing, equipping you with multiple career paths in networking, computing, cloud computing, or software development through DevOps and automation.

Learn more

Interested in joining the team?

Working at Macquarie Cloud Services gives you the opportunity to grow your career, with a company that does things differently.

You’ll be working with people who are diverse and dynamic, and we’ll make sure we give you the support to grow in your role so you reach your full potential.

Take a look at our job openings here

Hear from the Experts.

We strive to have the most engaged workforce in Australia. Lets here from the Experts from Macquarie Cloud Services.

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Meet the team.

The Macquarie Cloud Services team is made up of bright, motivated individuals who strive to make a difference. Here's just a few of their amazing stories.


Meet Tracey.


Meet Paul.

Raymond Phoon

Meet Raymond.


Meet Tracey.


Meet Paul.

Raymond Phoon

Meet Raymond.

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