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Azure Virtual Desktop helps employees stay productive on any device, simplifies management, provisioning, secures access to corporate data and apps and transforms the workplace. Build your solution on validated reference architecture tailored to your needs.

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Macquarie Cloud Services gives you access to Microsoft Azure experts who are ready to provide you with unparalleled architectural, migration and deployment assistance.

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    User Experience

    Azure Virtual Desktop helps employees do their best work by providing them with a familiar desktop experience & productivity tools they already know. Azure Virtual Desktop is designed to work with Office 365 & Microsoft 365. Office 365 containers enable fast load times for user files. Files automatically load to virtual desktops, so employees can quickly access important information from any device.

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    Price Performance

    Use your Microsoft 365 or qualifying Windows 10 licenses & deploy Azure Virtual Desktop with no additional licensing costs. Azure Virtual Desktop is the only way to get Windows 10 multi-session pricing for computing resources.

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    Modern Workforce

    With Azure Virtual Desktop, your users can securely work from anywhere with an internet connection.  Users have a true rich client experience with access to desktops & apps on any qualified device, for a secure & portable experience—on the tarmac, in the coffee shop, or at the beach.

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    Secure By Design

    Azure Virtual Desktop was born in the cloud.  This means that security features like secure sign-on & Multi-factor Authentication come standard. With AVD, it’s simple to assign user access based on role. So, you can restrict sensitive customer information & still allow employees access to the files they need.

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Helping CIOs turn on a secure, flexible hybrid workplace instantly.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualisation service that runs on the Azure public cloud. When combined with Macquarie Cloud Services award winning managed services, the fully managed platform securely delivers virtual desktops and remote apps with maximum control, available to any customer with per-user licenses.

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Why Managed Virtual Desktop?

  • Azure Extended Support | Azure Public Cloud

    Secure data and applications.

  • Transform your Workplace.

    SAP Preferred Platform | Azure Public Cloud
  • Optimise Cost | Azure Public Cloud

    Manage users not infrastructure.

What to expect with Virtual Desktop from Macquarie Cloud Services.

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