Macquarie Brings 4G to its Business Market Product Suite – at no additional charge

May 17 2016, by Luke Clifton | Category: Technology Group

Macquarie Telecom now provides mobile services using parts of Telstra’s 4G mobile network via their existing relationship with Telstra Wholesale.

Macquarie Telecom has launched a program to upgrade all of its end users who have mobile plans that use Telstra’s mobile network to 4G for no additional charge.

Announcing the launch of the 4G service upgrade program, Luke Clifton, Group Executive, Macquarie Telecom, said Macquarie is the first business to business telco offering the 4G service, and will migrate all customers who have mobile plans that use Telstra’s mobile network – representing 70 percent of all its customers – to 4G.

And, he said, the migration would be supported by an all-new portal giving users unprecedented control over the timing of their network switch over, a process that has historically been a logistical nightmare for businesses.

“This reflects Macquarie Telecom’s commitment to meeting customer needs by making the latest technology available to them as easily and quickly as we can,” Mr Clifton said.

“Macquarie’s multi-carrier technology mix, and strong customer focus, means we can offer our customers tier one levels of technology without them being locked in to one supplier, and wrapped in Macquarie Telecom’s industry redefining level of customer service,” he said.

“Not everyone will need or want 4G, but adding to the suite of options is important for us in delivering against our key value proposition – the best service, the best prices, the closest fit to the customer needs. “We have spent months carefully thinking through how the switch will affect our client’s business operations and how we can make it possible for customers to activate and deploy new mobile technology without disrupting their business operations,” he said.

“Macquarie’s commitment to its customers is clear. Firstly, when we can avail ourselves of new technology, we will upgrade our service to our customers. But, our commitment to always looking for the next level of customer services and satisfaction goes beyond the technology, which is why we allow users to mix and match their underlying carriers according to need,”MrClifton said.

“Our Net Promoter Score of +94 is now so far ahead of any other telco, we simply don’t bother to measure ourselves against other telcos.

“The only standard that matters is how we can continue to push the boundaries of highest standard of service we can deliver against the needs of each one of our customers,”Mr Clifton said.

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