Relationships Australia NSW transforms their IT Infrastructure (almost overnight)

March 23 2016, by Luke Fielding | Category: Technology Group
Mark Hindle, Head of Technology at Relationships Australia NSW

Mark Hindle, Head of Technology at Relationships Australia NSW

It was November 14th, 2014, and Mark Hindle walked into the office of Relationships Australia NSW, fresh and ready to take on his new role.

Little did he know the challenges that lay ahead.

Mark soon discovered that the IT environment he inherited was not only outdated, but in some cases almost 12 years old. To make matters even more challenging, the board informed him that there was a critical head office relocation scheduled to take place the following February.

So, with 23 sites across NSW all containing independent phone systems and disparate legacy hardware and, the current carrier embargo just around the corner, Mark made the tough decision not just to migrate the legacy hardware across but rather embark on an Infrastructure Revolution project that would better position them for growth in the future. Mark knew the company needed to adopt a more centralised approach to managing their infrastructure, one that would enable them to deliver more innovative services in the future.

Mark reflects on what motivated him to make such a bold call: “Some of the technology I was working with was almost 12 years old, you just wouldn’t move it, it would be too much of a hassle. Added to this, it provided us with no visibility. If something was to break, someone would have to go out to each location and fix it independently. That’s why, with the move happening the following February, it was the right time to upgrade our infrastructure and create a more centralised approach to managing it.

But now the challenge was to find a vendor that could help Mark not only achieve his bold vision but do it in such a tight timeframe. Enter Macquarie Telecom, who enthusiastically took up this challenge and worked alongside Mark to successfully achieve his vision in time for the office move the following February.

Mark comments on some of the key reasons he ended up choosing Macquarie Telecom and why the project was a success: ” Not only did their proposal meet all our needs, but it was also the most cost effective and enabled us to update our ageing infrastructure. With all the challenges that were in front of me and also with the current carrier embargo around the corner, I couldn’t have felt I was in better hands. Macquarie introduced key service delivery personnel early in the engagement, which was pivotal to the success of this project. Every step of the way they continued to go above and beyond of what was expected of them and that’s what really got this project across the line.


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This consultative approach together with the close relationships Macquarie Telecom has with wholesale Carrier suppliers were essential to the success of the project over the busy Christmas period.

Now that Relationships Australia NSW has this platform in place they can focus on growing their business and developing new innovative services for the community.

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