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Payment Card Information Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – Explained.

Macquarie Technology Group is PCI DSS certified – see our certification.

Macquarie Cloud Services colocation - Compliance starting with PCI, Tier III and ISO27001.

What is PCI DSS V3.2.1?

PCI is a global standard for the secure handling of payment cards industry information such as CCV numbers, PAN numbers, PIN numbers and more. It’s not the law, but it’s where VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and other payment brands draw a line in the sand. If you comply, they are accountable for data breaches. If you don’t, you’re on your own, and with new mandatory breach reporting legislation now in full effect – the stakes have never been higher.

PCI security standards apply to any organisation that accepts, transmits or stores cardholder data, regardless of transaction size or volume or even if they use 3rd party providers. We provide PCI compliant cloud hosting for organisations.

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The Goalposts Keep Moving.

When the V3.2.1 standards launched in June 2016, the entire industry had just 1 quarter to ensure they complied. In January 2018, what were previously best-practice recommendations became hard requirements. Macquarie Cloud Services deliver end-to-end PCI compliant cloud hosting solutions. We deliver this through our own sovereign Australian data centres and 200-strong team of engineers security cleared to government standards.

PCI DSS Compliance

Not all PCI Support is Created Equal.

Attaining PCI certification requires over 70 ‘gates’ and over 280 criteria with a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). We fulfil more criteria, so we leave less for you to do to attain your own certifications. Insist any prospective provider publish their certifications, and clearly break down which criteria they will not fulfil for you.

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