The world of cloud is complex.

Understanding the detail of your current environment will help you to take that next step. Thinking of moving or upgrading your current environment but not sure the best path to take? Would you benefit from understanding east to west traffic flows? If the answer is yes then start your assessment today.

4 things to expect from your Cloud Discover Assessment.

  • Current Platform Insight

    Current Platform Insight.

    Utilisations and recommendations for right sizing.

  • Current Network Flows

    Current Network Flows.

    Including east-west traffic, with recommendations for enhancing security posture.

  • Hybrid Cloud Landscape Insight

    Hybrid Cloud Landscape Insight.

    Complete with features and limitations of each type of platform.

  • A non invasive engagement

    A non invasive engagement.

    That will ultimately result in fully costed options for Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

How Cloud Discover works.

Sizing cloud environments reliably is not just about porting existing capacity to cloud, it is about understanding rightsizing and optimisations available on different platforms.

  • 1

    Week 1

    Licensing and instructions to install 2 VMware by Broadcom metadata collection tools to in your VCentre environment to gather compete and network data.

  • 2

    Week 2

    Summary metadata is collected is stored in our secure CloudHealth portal within Australia only for the duration of the engagement.

  • 3

    Week 3

    Our well versed cloud experts analyse your environment from data collected.

  • 4

    Week 4

    We will present a complimentary, non obligation recommendations report and work collaboratively with your team to fine-tune and plan out any migration.

Cloud Discover brochure

Cloud Discover by Macquarie Cloud Services.

Our Principal Consultants are experienced IT consultants with diverse backgrounds in Infrastructure, Security, Managed Services and Cloud Transformation. We do Cloud transformations every day.

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Why Macquarie Cloud Services?

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    Australia’s most recommended cloud provider with an impressive industry leading NPS of +94.

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    Australian Owned.

    Wholly owned and operated Australian business ensuring a secure and sovereign assessment. All data gathered and analysed will remain on shore with our Australian based experts.

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    Certified Engineers.

    With the most NV1 certified engineers in Australia you can be comfortable that leading experts are reviewing and reporting your environment with the highest calibre lens.

  • Data Centre in Canberra

    Cloud Provider.

    As the only authentic Australian hybrid IT provider, we offer range of reference architectures spanning on premise, IaaS & cloud solutions.

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