Connecting your offices and data centres is a long term commitment and you can’t really afford to make mistakes.

But using just one carrier for everything, just limits your options, and limits competition and maybe its now ideal trusting only one carrier.

Macquarie is the telco expert. We are connected to every carrier and technology, not only in Australia but overseas. We can give you choice. As a carrier, we can mix and match them to each of your sites and our data centres for the most efficient and cost effective design possible, yet still be your one bill and service contact.

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Coverage. Everywhere.

Macquarie has over 25 Points of Presence Australia wide, all of which form the backbone of our Data Networking services. We then interconnect to last mile or specific carriers to provide direct connection into customers offices or remote sites.

◾Complete Australia Coverage


◾New Zealand Coverage◾TNZ

◾City Area/CBD Additional Carriers◾Vocus Fibre

◾Other Data Centre Location Fibre Providers◾Vocus Fibre

◾International◾Global Carrier Interconnects in Sydney and Melbourne

Every Technology.

◾Ethernet Services up to 1Gbps
◾Leased Line up to 2MBps
◾ADSL Services up to 25Mbps
◾4G Mobile Services up to 80Mbs

And more.

Combine NBN and 4G Mobile or ADSL to provide multi-carrier/multi-technology always on data services or build dual high-speed Ethernet accesses to your main office or critical locations.

◾Managed Router Devices  ◾ MPLS technology for integrated VOIP or SIP services
◾ Telephony or ISDN services over data ◾Local Internet offload
◾IPVPN/IPsec Remote Tunnel support for remote/home users

We have created some truly unique possibilities.

Client Private Access.

Imagine guaranteeing your clients connection to you, with the highest possible performance, cloud security and availability. We can bypass the internet and provide direct Ethernet, Fibre, ADSL or NBN connectivity. All managed by Macquarie.

Onsite Backup.

Backups are a necessity, but keeping the backup onsite is only half the answer. We can connect to your private network, and backup to the cloud at LAN speed. And should the worse happen, even recover you to the cloud and have your business operate again.

Hosted PABX.

Unified Communication promised advance capabilities to supercharge your workforce. We are the experts in bring voice and data together and you don’t need expensive hardware onsite as it can be hosted in the cloud.

Archival Storage.

No need for large storage units onsite, turning over your power meters. Putting large but static data offsite for long term storage, lets you take advantage archive storage technology but still access your data at the LAN speeds you are used too.

The traditional best practice model for delivering applications to users was an internal data room that serve applications via a local network and wide area network.


Fixed voice services were delivered on a separate phone network to a PBX or voice switch. Smaller sites had a key system or small PBX. Each business has its own dedicated network of given fixed capacity. These required lots of management with inevitable adds, moves, and changes. Equally, the ever increasing number of applications competing for bandwidth requires constant attention.

The introduction of Internet and IP reduced some costs. However, security became more complex. The limitations of firewall and gateway technology – and the expertise to run it meant that best practice was to have a single network access point to the internet with redundant links.

On IP networks, voice became Voice Over IP. Another application on the network sharing bandwidth with all the other apps. At the same time, smartphone equipped mobile user traffic has skyrocketed. Add to this the accelerating adoption of cloud computing and software as a service, and the traditional network best practice model is no longer optimal for mid-sized business.

Deploying software as a service applications from the cloud as supposed to buy and build apps deployed over local or wide area networks reduces capital outlay for applications, service, and computer rooms – as well as the costs associated with maintenance and internal support. Businesses can pay a fixed fee per user per month. And access software via a browser anywhere the internet is available.

Gartner predicts that software as a service will account for 75% of traffic on business networks by 2017. So how can you reap the benefits of cloud computing and software as a service without tipping your existing business network over the edge? The answer is a software as a service enabled network. A mix of high-speed low-cost broadband internet for software as a service applications and dedicated IP VPN network connections for legacy or latency sensitive applications like voice and video.

The right service level guarantee with unlimited speed and minimum contention makes high-speed low-cost internet more and more viable for business. The new generation of branch router firewall devices combines router function with LAN switch, Multiple Wireless Access Points, Bluetooth, and sophisticated security functions with a single network wide easy to use cloud management interface. Now, each site can have its own internet connection providing improved performance for software as a service whilst taking pressure off the wide area network and improving redundancy.

Developments in application acceleration devices means that performance of software as a service applications via the Internet rivals the traditional application performance on wide area networks. This gives mid-sized companies choices on how to deliver optimum performance based on the mix of applications each site.

As software as a service applications and full ecosystem of the emerging cloud services in areas like mobility, voice, and unified communications – to name a few. Become available to business, cloud effectively becomes the hub of the network. Mid-sized business networks can be securely turned inside-out to meet the needs of more mobile workforce, remote channels, partners, and ultimately customers.

To develop a software as a service enabled roadmap for your business, contact Macquarie Cloud Services.


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