Cloud Services Portal.

A single pane of glass to consume, manage and understand Macquarie Cloud Services.


Efficiently manage inventory, status, support, billing and allocations for Macquarie Technology Group services.

Vendor Portals.

vCloud & vCenter, Fortimanager, Zerto, TrendMicro & Cisco portals for the ultimate in control.

All featuring single sign-on, opt-in 2-factor authentication and central user management.

Consume, manage and understand your environment.

Cloud Services Portal, your single pane of glass view backed by customer accessible RESTful APIs.

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Use these tools every day in your business.

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Manage Inventory

Direct Access to Vendor tools, for the ultimate in control.

  • Compute Insight

    Compute Insight.

    Troubleshoot and manage the health and capacity of your virtual environment.

  • Network Security

    Network Security.

    Use a familiar firewall console and configure the rules directly.

  • Bare Metal Compute

    Bare Metal Compute.

    Use the Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) console to install OS on Bare Metal.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery.

    Manage business continuity and disaster recovery in one place.

  • Host Security

    Host Security.

    A single portal to manage all your server endpoint security needs.

  • Performance Graphs

    Cloud Computing.

    Direct control of resources on vCloud or vCenter. Configure VMs just the way you want.

  • Security Insight

    Security Insight.

    Network Security Logging, Analysis, and Reporting from security appliances.