Australian leading NPS.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the best in the World.

NPS answers the question of 'how will I be treated for the term of the contract'. This is more than just some carefully selected customer referrals - it's a systematic method to measure the health of the business. We live and breathe excellent service, and have been awarded Best Customer Experience at the World Communications Awards in 2020.

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Keep it Personal.

Many cloud or hosting companies can treat you like a hot potato. It can take a while to get someone who can truly help. It’s even worse working with global companies who hide behind the phone or email.

Macquarie Cloud Services has a unique customer service model based on personal accountable service. We have redefined how cloud and hosting companies should work with customers: hand in hand. We will stand up and own a problem, as we know how much it can affect your business. We also meet and talk to our customers on both technical and business levels. Its no wonder we have the industry’s highest Net Promoter Score from our customers.

This is what it's all about. To every cloud specialist.

Personal Accountable Service
Certified environment
Help when you need it

Meet our People. Delivering
Personal Accountable Service.

Macquarie Cloud Services personable accountable service for cloud hosting that aims for the best customer service experience - speak to Tony

Hosting Management Centre.

Hosting Management Centre.  We are your emergency contact. Available anytime you need us. We’ve access to all of our systems and tools as visibility inside your environment. We will be able to help fix whatever might go wrong, or better yet, warn you before something occurs.

Tony. Cloud Specialist in the Hosting Management Centre (HMC)

CMND Team.

The CMND Team, as your extended IT team, are dedicated to your long term technology strategy and the health of your applications and have intimate knowledge of your environment. The team is made up of engineers, consultants and account managers, that get to know you and your environment intimately, and can help guide you with your immediate IT decisions.

Stephen. Cloud Specialist in CMND Team

Stephen, Cloud Specialist
Macquarie Cloud Services personable accountable service for cloud hosting that aims for the best customer service experience - speak to Andrew

Principal Consultant.

Being your IT consultant, we get to be your trusted adviser over time. We plan your IT strategy together and even share learnings from what our other customers experience and what the industry is doing. We specialist in turning what seem like complex IT problems into solvable chunks for you.

Andrew.  Cloud Specialist in Consultancy Team

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