A net promoter score to be proud of

August 4 2022, by Naveen Gera | Category: Cloud Services

Recently, it can feel like everyone is talking about the importance of customer experience and net promoter score. But whilst for some it’s a buzz phrase that is trending and topical in 2022, for us it’s part of our DNA. Stemming back to our purpose to deliver solutions for Australian businesses that are underserved and overcharged.

We do of course measure this experience through scoring, most notably Net Promoter Score (NPS) which acts as a single metric that is easy to understand. The magic in collecting the score is to not only celebrate a great customer experience but also to take tangible actions on interactions that didn’t go so well. This genuine care for customer experience is part of what makes us different.

Moreso, our customers knowing that we take action when needed means they continue to provide real time feedback – we’re all aware of companies that request feedback but do nothing on receipt. The power internally of the real time feedback is also significant, it plays a role in motivating, developing and celebrating success. Our ‘MCS Legends’ program is dedicated to those who continue to show a strong track record of going above and beyond, in the name of customer experience.

It must be said at Macquarie Cloud Services, that it’s not just about the score but rather the provision of world class experience. Because of how well entrenched this philosophy is in our culture, we do not have a dedicated customer experience officer. Instead, it falls within the remits of every single employee, from graduate engineer to executive level. We hire on this basis, we train on this basis and we develop on this basis.

So with all that in mind we are delighted to announce that our FY22 results are in and we are proud to announce a record breaking +86. For extra context, the benchmarks suggest that cloud and hosting organisations are coming in just shy of +50. Whilst outshining the industry is one aspect, we are our own true competition so whilst we shall enjoy and celebrate this success as a team, there is so much more planned and we are determined to continue serving customers in the best possible way.

If you think you have what it takes to deliver world-class customer experience, why not check out our latest vacancies.

Naveen Gera

About the author.

As Macquarie Cloud Service’s HMC assurance manager Naveen’s mission is to deliver the best customer experience and pioneer the NPS program for the group. Over the last 8.5 years, Naveen has worked with his teams to not just exceed our NPS targets but our customers expectation’s. The smile makes it all worth it for him. Naveen is also a leading figure in delivering the Cloud Services Graduate program.

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