10 years in, Evgeny shares his cloud services story

February 17 2021, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Cloud Services

Meet Evgeny Bogatyr (we call him Ev). He’s been with us for 10 years. What a journey!

How different is the company today compared to when you started?

I was hired as a graduate engineer whilst still completing my Bachelor of Science in IT course at UTS. It was an entry level engineer position back then – the ‘apprentice’ type role.

From there it’s been a real journey! I worked dayshifts and nightshifts in the NOC, and then was promoted to Tier 1 engineer, and then moved into Service Delivery as Tier 2 engineer. Today, I am Team Lead of the service delivery engineering team within Cloud Operations.


You love to keep learning. What’s some of the recent stuff?

I am currently going through the Management Training Program which is part of our training for all new leaders within the business, plus completing some technical and non-technical certs. The most recent ones have been an Agile Project Management course and I’ve attained some technical certifications with Microsoft Azure and Fortinet. Macquarie supports or runs most of these.


We celebrate here a lot! What are some of your highlights?

We celebrate a lot here. Everyone mingles and has a laugh, and we often end up doing fun things like archery or learning how to brew beer.

I made Macquarie Club (awarded to the top 10% of our business each year) twice and got to travel to Abu Dhabi and Santiago. These trips are so well planned, full of sightseeing, fun activities, and great food – it truly makes you feel appreciated.

I loved playing laser tag in one of the new data halls at IC2, our Data Centre in Macquarie Park. (PS. This was right after the construction of this data hall had just finished so no customer equipment was harmed during this activity.)


What’s your team like?

They’re a great bunch of people. I love the fact that there are so many different personalities but we work so well as a team. I believe that it’s because we are all subconsciously working towards the common goal: to “WOW” our customers.

We strive to provide a level of service that is unlike anything our customers would have ever experienced before. I think we do a pretty good job of it too: last month we won the World’s Best Customer Experience Award at the World’s Communications Awards!


Awesome award – it’s global! What does World’s Best Customer Service! What does that mean for you and your team on a day-to-day basis?

It’s been awesome to have been recognised for our service levels. I have realised through talking with friends and people outside of Macquarie that the level of service and accountability we provide as almost BAU is widely considered as exceptional in the marketplace! We just really thrive on delighting our customers and that comes through in our NPS. I love it.

Over the past 10 years we have gone through a massive transformation. We now have a structured Grad Program – a 10-year career path to support their on-the-job learning. It includes some rewarding milestones such as a CCIE certification. It takes massive effort, but it’s awesome because you can basically go from a grad to a Principal Consultant or even Architect role – we have many people who have done it! Find out more about a career with Macquarie Cloud Services here.

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