Are you a managed service provider? Are you an infrastructure provider? Or are you trying to do both?

February 24 2021, by Nigel Burke | Category: Cloud Services

IT is complex, and this is one of the key drivers for many organisations to outsource their IT requirements to infrastructure providers and managed service providers (MSPs). In this ultra-competitive environment, companies want to take advantage of anything that will give them the advantage.

Running infrastructure and providing IT management are two very different services and require different skillsets. Having run my own IT company, I’ll be honest, I made the mistake and tried to deliver both. It was an impossible task to own and manage the infrastructure and provide management up to the application level. Clearly defining what you are, quite simply makes it easier to get new customers. Your go-to-market strategy, purpose, and mission to help customers can be articulated. Your reason for being, your raison d’etre becomes clear.

Are you or your staff spending time traveling between data centres and customer offices to fix hardware issues? This is wasting time and non-billing activity.

If you are an MSP, wouldn’t it be better to spend your time helping customers manage their systems instead of fixing their hardware issues?

In hindsight, I would have chosen to focus on providing managed services where I could add value to an organisation. Hardware is expensive and needs to be renewed every couple of years. This would have provided a clear purpose and focus for my business without being distracted by all the other services we were trying to offer.

Today, infrastructure is highly commoditised, and customers want to benefit from cloud – scaling, redundancy and pay for what they use.

We want to partner with MSPs

We want to work with MSPs to provide the complete solution for customers, from the infrastructure to the end-user support. Without the partnership with MSPs, we cannot provide a complete solution. We already work with a number of MSPs by running their infrastructure so they don’t need to worry about it, allowing them to focus on what they do best – helping customers.

Do you want to partner with an infrastructure provider so you can focus on managing your customers? learn more and get in touch.

Nigel Burke

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With over 20 years experience in the technology industry, Nigel has developed a strong understanding of traditional and cloud infrastructure. As a Business Development Manager here at Macquarie Cloud Services he helps businesses to solve their complex problems with simple solutions whilst working closely with our partners.

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