Why cloud migration is no longer just an option

September 29 2022, by Rae Jang | Category: Cloud Services

As businesses continue to grow, so does the importance of establishing a cloud presence. No longer is cloud migration a mere ‘option’; it’s become a near-certainty that your organisation will consider cloud hosting at some point (if you haven’t already) because the cloud can provide the avenue through which businesses can solve current and future problems. So if we’re agreed on this, the conversation then becomes a question of ‘how do we migrate?’. 

Now migration is an interesting word. Often associated with the seasonal movement of fish, birds and other animals, the term connotates the sometimes perilous, but often necessary journey that they take in order to maintain their survival within the natural order. 

Take the humble salmon, for example. Salmon, upon reaching a specific point of maturation, will be compelled to return to their natal river where they were first spawned. Their biological clocks will demand they make the same migratory journey that million upon millions of salmon have made before them.  

While I understand the involvement of the Earth’s magnetism to guide them back to their birth rivers and continuing the salmon lifecycle, what used to confuse me was the notion that they did this without the guarantee of survival. My imagination ran wild with hypotheticals – What happens if they miss the turn into their special patch of river? What if their birthplace no longer exists due to changes in the landscape? What if the downstream current is too strong for them to swim up? 

And then there are…the bears. 

So, to say that salmon migrate under difficult circumstances would be an understatement.  

But what if the salmon had a way of seeing into the future? What would be the material effect of a salmon being able to see where they were going BEFORE making the journey?  

Friends, Azure migration is much the same.  

You probably know for sure two things – you know ‘when’ because it feels like this should’ve happened yesterday. And you know in general ‘what’ awaits you – automation, cost savings, efficiencies via workload analysis, time savings, cyber security options. 

Azure Discover, by Macquarie Cloud Services helps you look into the future and answer all unforeseen questions, predict risk and show you the most efficient migration path.  

Azure Discover is an assessment program that provides a complimentary, comprehensive summary of what your target estate will look like, also determining the ideal Azure service mix and architecture. Our in-house experts explore service mapping, hybrid touch points, network requirements, migration efforts and Day 1 operational costs, and a whole bunch of other insights that you’d be expecting to pay for. 

Essentially, Macquarie Cloud Services does the leg work to deliver a detailed migration plan and customized Azure Landing Zone design so you can begin your Azure journey with greater control, covering risks and dependencies. 

It’s worth noting that the assessment is obligation free at no charge. 

 Macquarie Cloud Services is offering you a peek into the future, not through a crystal ball, but through rigorous testing and data analytics to be able to present an honest understanding of what awaits you, together with associated costs involved in the ongoing maintenance of your new Azure environment. 

 If the results come back and our expert opinion (Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Gold-level Microsoft MSP, highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the country, Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider – amongst other accolades) says it’s better to NOT migrate, we’ll be the first to tell you. 

Whether you’ve considered an Azure migration for your business in the past, or conversely never given it much thought before reading this blog, I’d love to have a chat. At Macquarie Cloud Services, our purpose is to help the under-served and overcharged. Our Azure Discover program is the embodiment of that purpose. 

Happy swimming, friends – I look forward to making the journey with you. 

Rae Jang

About the author.

Rae joins the Macquarie Technology Group in our Cloud Services business unit with a wealth of sales experience, from fast paced start ups. As our Business Development Representative he's on the frontline, talking with leading Australian businesses who have traditionally been overcharged and underserved. His overarching purpose is to simply lend a helping hand where he can, providing direction through his technical and interpersonal prowess.

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