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Congratulations on progressing to the next stage in the recruitment process with Macquarie Cloud Services! This page will assist you in preparing for your interview with us. We look for strong examples/data points around our purpose, values and leadership ethos during your interviews as well as passion/interest from candidates around our company/services.

Our Purpose.

Our purpose is to make a difference in an industry which is being under-served and over-charged.
The way we do this is by delivering the best customer experience of any ASX listed company in Australia, as measured by Net Promoter Score (NPS).
We want our customers to focus on their core business all day, every day, without interruption. Our resources are on-shore and contactable 24×7.
We aren’t going to pull out resources and reduce the service levels our customers receive –we pride ourselves on providing world-class service.
The unmatched commitment to personally accountable service is how we deliver on Australia’s best customer experience.


Australian leading NPS.

The result of our passion is consistently delivering world class customer service.  

We have chosen to be great at one thing (customer service) and we live and breathe this every day. 

How do we know? 
Not only is this reflected in our exceptional NPS scores (+84 compared to an industry average of +50), but we’ve also been awarded No. 1 in the World for Customer Experience at the World Communications Awards! We are the only Australian company to win in the 22-year history of the Awards. Our NPS score - live, with zero tweaking!

Learn more about NPS by clicking the links below.

What is NPS - Video
Personal Accountable Customer Service - Macquarie Cloud Services 

So, what exactly do we do?

We are cloud hosting experts, providing flexible custom hybrid IT solutions to a range of organisations like Adobe, BPAY and BMC Software.

We host SaaS customers’  applications and support corporate IT customers on their journey to the cloud.  Digital and web businesses trust us with their business-critical applications.

We’ve adopted a hybrid IT approach, blending traditional on-premise environments with any combination of public cloud (Azure),  our own private cloud, dedicated hosting and colocation options – allowing customers to consume IT infrastructure in a way that aligns to their business objectives. We can adapt to just about any configuration, delivering solutions that make our customers smile. Simply put, “Our Cloud, Your Way”.

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Our Values define our Culture.

Our top performers, and the individuals that excel here live and breathe these values.  

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Our Leadership Ethos.

Culture beats strategy. We know that the quality of our Leaders will have the biggest impact on the engagement of our people, the results for our customers and our overall business performance.  That’s why we hire Leaders that are aligned with and live by our leadership ethos every single day. 

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    One team, one score.

    Team success always outweighs individual accomplishments. Leaders recognise that together we are better and when you combine the individual strengths of your people, you deliver phenomenal results. Leaders ensure that all members, regardless of their individual responsibilities or areas of expertise, are doing whatever they can to help the team accomplish its collective goals.

  • 2

    Authenticity & Integrity .

    When a Leader gives you their word, it’s their bond. They trust first and query second. They own up to their own mistakes, learn from them and grow. Leaders are true to who they are, not what they think others want to see. They inspire those around them to be unafraid to live their values and be the best version of themselves.

  • 3

    People first.

    Leaders have a real interest in people. They are concerned for their well-being, their development, their performance and success, both now and into the future.

  • 4

    Provide & reinforce clarity.

    Leaders create clarity for their people, then overcommunicate that clarity. Every policy, every program and every activity designed to remind employees what is most important.

  • 5

    Disagree and commit.

    Leaders object to conformity. They have a willingness to disagree, even passionately when necessary around important issues and decisions to be made. Leaders overcome the tendency to run from discomfort and respectfully provide their views and opinions.  They weigh in, so they can buy in and when a decision is made, they commit fully.

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    Be Hungry.

    Leaders are always looking for more. They are intrinsically motivated, diligent and have a strong desire to do more by going above and beyond. Hungry people do not have to be pushed to perform. They are constantly looking for more responsibility and thinking about the next step and next opportunity for the team.

  • 7

    Be accountable

    Leaders hold themselves and others to account. They take full responsibility and never point fingers. Accountable leaders do not blame others, they make things right.

  • 8

    Be Humble.

    Leaders are not concerned with status and do not have an excessive ego. They are quick to share credit, praise others freely and prioritise the collective wins over the individual ones.

  • 9

    Be Smart.

    Smart leaders are emotionally intelligent, have interpersonal awareness and a capability to deal with others in an effective way. Emotionally intelligent people ask good questions, listen to what others are saying and stay engaged in conversations intently. Smart people are fully aware of their words will have on the team.

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Our Senior Leaders.

Slide James Mystakidis James Mystakidis Group Executive See linkedin profile Tony Pandher Tony Pandher Chief Operations Officer See linkedin profile Slide Naveen Gera Naveen Gera Head of Service Assurance See linkedin profile Phil Wallace Phil Wallace Head of Channel Sales
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Slide Shaun Domingo Shaun Domingo CTO/Head of Product See linkedin profile Tracey Paine image Tracey Paine Online Systems & DevOps Manager See linkedin profile Slide Naran McClung Naran McClung
Head of Azure and Pre Sales See linkedin profile Jonathan Staff
Head of Direct Sales See linkedin profile

Things you should know.

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