Service Provider Grade Storage and Backup. From Dell Technologies.

Dell Technologies is used in many businesses today for its high-availability and performance. So with our cloud, dedicated and colocation services, you can still have the storage. We take full advantage of its scale and redundancy and also SSD and in-memory cache performance optimisations. We can even integrate our Dell Technologies platforms to yours for offsite data and DR capabilities.

If you rely on Dell Technologies, you know why we do as well.

Macquarie is a certified Dell Technologies Cloud Provider Partner.

Offsite Storage as DR

Replicate your onsite Dell Technologies infrastructure to Macquarie for business continuity planning

Offsite Isilon Storage

Available as standalone integrated with existing Isilon technology to deliver high availability and high capacity storage.

Archive Data Store

Designed for long term, cost effective storage for data at standstill

SSD/FLASH Disk Powered Storage

High performance/low latency storage solutions for high IOPS application needs

AVAMAR Disk Backup

Always available/de-duplicated backup as a service

Data Domain as a Target

Point your existing backup platform, even if not Dell Technologies based, at our data domain compatible backup environment for secure, offsite and always available backup.

Big Data Platform

Storing petabytes of data on our Storage Area Network (SAN), in Virtual SAN (vSAN) environments complete with backup and archive functions.

We’ve got you covered.

You have hundreds of applications in your business, however, it’s near impossible to find one platform that can run them all.

We are one of the providers of hybrid cloud services over the years. Some are legacy and others cloud forward, but you don’t want five different companies running your IT infrastructure.

Macquarie Cloud Services’ deeply interconnected hybrid cloud can integrate colocation, dedicated servers, private clouds and even connections to public clouds such as AWS, Azure and or Google Cloud

Put your workloads on the platform where it makes sense. And we’ll help manage it all with you.

Read more about hybrid cloud e-guide, co-sponsored by Dell Technologies.

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    Custom Deal and Solution Design

    Working with your Dell Technologies team, Macquarie can create specific solutions that work best with your existing platform and the Macquarie Data Centre or Cloud Solutions.

  • 2

    Dell Technologies Maintained Hardware

    Trusted name for high-quality, reliable and trusted technology, which is designed for the high performance required by Cloud.

  • 3

    Dell Technologies Backed Support

    Macquarie has the highest level of support available from the Dell Technologies technical teams to protect the environments powered by their storage and backup solutions.

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    Dell Technologies Specialists

    Dell Technologies is fully integrated into the Macquarie Cloud Environment for enterprise grade storage solutions, which are designed, built and maintained by Dell Technologies trained engineers.

Macquarie Cloud Services powered by Dell Technologies.

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