Flexible. Fast. Available.

Simple Storage. That’s what it is. No matter where you are, or what technology you have.  Even with maxed out IOPS for your critical database needs. Available to your onsite environments, cloud or colocation.

You can know that your data is protected, in a highly secure environment, and managed by experts.

One of the reasons our customers choose us is scalability. Read more about why eCorner chose Macquarie Cloud Service here.

One place for all your data.

Macquarie Cloud Services provide Australian scaleable cloud storage, cloud storage extensions, cloud storage data hosting or cloud scale out storage

Large Scale.

Manage your data, not your storage. Simple to set up and scale to virtually any size, you can even consume petabytes of storage within a single data pool, without the complexity of traditional enterprise storage. Present your data pool to multiple clients for true multi-access file-based storage. It’s scale-out storage done right.

Always Adaptable.

Access your data wherever you may be – colocation, the cloud (including ours!), your premises or existing data centre, even across the internet. Manage your data using the industry-standard protocols you already know – NFS, SMB, HDFS, FTP and Openstack Swift. Integrate into your existing authentication domains for auditing and security access control.

Always Available.

Ensure the continual availability of your data, and effortlessly replicate it across our geographically diverse data centres. Alternatively, replicate and tier from your on-premise EMC Isilon into the cloud – leverage the flexibility of additional cloud storage with your existing storage infrastructure. Fast and simple failover/failback capabilities for your data.

Robustly Resilient.

Data is made resilient through rolling snapshots – opt-in to regular snapshots catering for shorter, mid and longer-term retention periods. Rollback to previous snapshots in an instant, recover from disaster with faster-than-backup-restore RTOs.

We can extend your storage into the cloud and more.

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