How we became world’s best at delivering customer experience

November 23 2020, by Naveen Gera | Category: Cloud Services

The simple answer is we placed ‘it’ at the centre of all we do. And by ‘it’ I mean a positive customer experience. As one of our values, a KPI for all staff and our service centres showcasing NPS in real-time to all engineers – customer service and a positive experience for them is who we are.

Customer experience is the beating heart of our operation, and except to our customers, perhaps a well-kept secret. Well no more. We are honoured to proudly place our stake in the ground as offering the best customer experience in the world as decided upon by a 50 person strong judging panel organised by the World Communications Awards 2020.

Customer experience is not a job role.

Customer experience for us is not a department or a function, it is a value. Every employee is hired on their ability to deliver personal accountable service in addition to the requirements of their job role. Our onboarding and dedicated session with our group CEO (also an award winner on the night!) focuses on the importance of customer experience to who we are as a company. As employees progress into normal daily work, they are reminded to delight customers at every turn. Our heartbeat programme is in place to recognise and reward those who have gone the extra mile for our customers, whilst also acting as inspiration for new employees to join the esteemed gallery.

Whilst our employees are also financially incentivised through KPIs and NPS scores linked to annual bonuses, the ability to deliver excellent customer service doesn’t feel like a job role but rather a group identity.

Industry-leading Net Promoter Score.

Our customers hopefully see this in their onboarding too, complete with personal introductions to our leadership team as well as a named 4-tiered account structure, meaning they are only ever a phone call away to their Macquarie Cloud services team.  We ask for feedback at every opportunity, as well as conducting a transactional NPS survey. With an industry-leading +94 NPS score, we have dedicated teams and processes to ensure we are meeting and exceeding not just our targets but customers expectations.

NPS Graph

This award is further affirmation that our investments, beliefs and approach are recognised externally. Exceptional customer experience will remain a key pillar of who we are as an organisation and what our customers can expect from us, as we believe the markets we serve have been overcharged and underserved for far too long.

Naveen Gera

About the author.

As Macquarie Cloud Service’s HMC assurance manager Naveen’s mission is to deliver the best customer experience and pioneer the NPS program for the group. Over the last 8.5 years, Naveen has worked with his teams to not just exceed our NPS targets but our customers expectation’s. The smile makes it all worth it for him. Naveen is also a leading figure in delivering the Cloud Services Graduate program.

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