We can manage it for you.

A Virtual data centre is basically a pool of resources (CPU, memory, storage) that you have the flexibility to use as needed, where needed.

Macquarie Cloud Services, as one of Australia’s provider of virtual data centres, can manage it for you or give you complete control. You have access to our portal and APIs to manage workloads effectively.

It’s like having a data centre without the headaches of having to run a real one.

Jae Debricat, eCorner

Customer Case Study:
Fight the Fear of Change.

“The biggest learning we’ve had from this whole process is that you really need to fight your fear of change. Our technical team were very comfortable with the old environment that we had with physical servers and physical hardware, and were very resistant of the change. But once we started engaging with providers like Macquarie Cloud Services to understand how it could work for us, the benefits became immediately clear to both us and our technical people and we got fantastic results from it.”

Read more about eCorner’s migration to the cloud here.

These are the building blocks.

In no particular order.

  • CPU chip icon


    Maximise utilization

  • Memory chip icon


    Scale as needed

  • Storage


    Multiple performance tiers available

  • Cloud Security


    Physical and virtual options available

Macquarie Cloud Services have an Australian virtual data centre or virtual data center set up or virtualdatacentre setup

Full control without restrictions.

We give you access to the same tools we use ourselves. Using VMware vCloud Director, your virtual data centre is in your hands.

You can build VMs or upload server templates, assign networks, and configure firewall rules and settings.

This is trusted technology, that is likely even used in your business today.

See more about our Management Tools.

High Performance Option for Single Threaded Applications.

In our virtual data centre, we can have specific hardware configurations available for those applications that demands the most Ghz available.  Using 8 core CPU’s, with the maximum clock speed available, we can provide you with a high-performance environment complete with 2000 or 8000 IOPS storage.

"So far, Macquarie Telecom has given us the ability to have greater control over our environment and given us greater confidence in our ability to meet the challenges of future growth."

Mark Barett
CEO, Streaka & Form Pigeon
Macquarie Cloud Services have an Australian virtual data centre or virtual data center (virtualdatacentre) working for Streaka

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