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eCorner is a 100% Australian owned ecommerce SaaS provider based in Sydney, Australia. They have hundreds of customers ranging from large corporations and government agencies (like Weight Watchers and Queensland Government Translink) to SMEs and successful start-ups like Gadgets4Geeks.

Happy and content with their colocation setup, they were aware of a significant impending CAPEX investment to update aging hardware and servers. But instead of just renewing their equipment and copping the cost, they took action with the goal of improving efficiencies and future proofing themselves against their competitive market. eCorner were very aware that most of their competitors were moving to the cloud.

"We wanted to review our entire infrastructure to look at future proofing and improving efficiencies when we knew that our competitive market was moving into the cloud."

Jae Debrincat
General Manager, eCorner

Where to start?

eCorner had been with their existing colocation environment for 15 years. They didn’t take the move to the cloud lightly, spending 12 months talking to and analysing many providers. During this process it became clear to them that Macquarie Cloud Services were going to be a lot more hands on managing the process and help lead them through the migration and scoping exercises.

eCorner had 3 key criteria for choosing a cloud provider.

  • 1

    Move with confidence.

    They needed to be able to move with confidence from their existing physical environment to a new cloud environment while still being about to configure and manage the environment how they had in the past. This was to ensure that they could meet their security compliance requirements.

  • 2

    Seamless migration.

    eCorner needed to be able to migrate without any significant downtime or impact on their large customer base, many of whom were on 99.9% uptime service level agreements.

  • 3

    Removed CAPEX requirements.

    Minimise OPEX spend while also completely removing the large CAPEX exposure.

The Solution.

"Macquarie Cloud Services led us through multiple workshops to help us with the scoping, and gave us the confidence that both the migration and the ultimate infrastructure that we’d end up with would be what we needed."

Jae Debrincat
General Manager, eCorner

The Process.

The 3 tier account management model of Macquarie Cloud Services was perfect for eCorner.

  • 1

    Account Manager

    Business strategy and account setup for the customer.

  • 2

    Dedicated Engineer

    Personalised technical consulting between our NV1 qualified engineers and the customer's technical teams.

  • 3

    Service Delivery Manager

    Day-to-day operational lead and customer contact.

Where are they now?

eCorner have had feedback from both customers and internal technical teams that the new environment is serving web content noticeably faster than before. And there has been no negative feedback to say that there has been any issues with the new environment. The internal IT team at eCorner are also very impressed with the ease of management of the platform, being able to quickly make changes to infrastructure as required, in real-time.
eCorner are also thrilled with how healthy their books are – with a noticeable absence of the large CAPEX spend they were trying to avoid.

Interested about cloud hosting?

"The biggest learning we’ve had from this whole process is that you really need to fight your fear of change. Our technical team were very comfortable with the old environment that we had with physical servers and physical hardware, and were very resistant of the change. But once we started engaging with providers like Macquarie Cloud Services to understand how it could work for us, the benefits became immediately clear to both us and our technical people and we got fantastic results from it."

Jae Debrincat
General Manager, eCorner

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