What is managed hosting?

Managed hosting is where a trusted IT partner, like Macquarie Cloud Services, manages the set-up and ongoing management of your server environment on your behalf – freeing your IT team to focus on other valuable tasks. At Macquarie Cloud Services, our managed hosting services typically include security updates and patching, 24/7 support, monitoring, provision of insights and alerts, and much more.

Too much time on your hands? Yeah, right.

Spend your time wisely and get ahead of the curve. We’re your dedicated team, awake and ready during the night shift, keeping the lights on and managing your hosted environment. When you know you’re in safe hands, you can focus on what’s most important to you. Your business.

Why work with Macquarie Cloud Services?

Rock-solid reliability
Confidence through consistency
Total transparency

Managed Hosting can pivot your focus to where it should be.

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Full-on Flexibility

Our online portal is perfect for common tasks such as changing server resources, configuring firewall rules, and applying operating system patches.

Or you can get us to do it for you.

If you have the skills, use them. If not, borrow ours. That’s what we bring to your team.

See what our online tools can do for you.

Meet the Experts.

These are the people who will do the management for you, based on our industry leading CMND Model.

  • Hosting Management Centre icon

    Hosting Management Centre

    We are the first line of support, and we monitor your platform 24/7. You can call us directly, or contact us via the online portal. We can log in and help you with any operating system issue, quickly

  • CMND Engineers icon

    CMND Engineers

    We perform all of the common changes that need to occur in your environment. We can talk to you directly, or just make the changes on the portal as and when they’re needed.

  • CMND Service Delivery Team icon

    CMND Service Delivery Team

    These people nail the large or complex tasks. They’ll work within your IT time frames and are available for any type of discussion on the platform, environment, application or additional services.

  • CMND Consultants icon

    CMND Consultants

    Your applications fit into your IT and business strategy. These consultants ensure your managed IT environment is up to the task and totally future-proof.