How can you scale your MSP business without significant investment?

April 21 2021, by Nigel Burke | Category: Cloud Services

2020 was about survival, for you and your customers. The new normal is here and presents more opportunities than pre-COVID. Your customers are looking at new ways to grow their business, but as an MSP owner, have you stopped to think about how you can grow yours? I’m going to explore ways to grow your MSP, without massive investment. Let’s get started!

Internal investment in Talent.

Are your staff being given the opportunity to work to their full potential? Could you relieve them of tasks you know are better suited elsewhere, and what in reality would this look like?
What skills does your staff have that you are not taking advantage of? We’ve all been in the position whereby our skills have been ignored and management overlooked our knowledge – a wasted resource by an eager employee. Do you have staff that are eager to help where they can? Are you becoming the manager you said you’d never become? Speaking first hand, I know how easy it is to get bogged down with unproductive administrative work. Enable and empower your staff to take advantage of their skills, they will be happier, healthier and more productive in making your customers happy.

Vendor Partnerships.

There are hundreds of vendors out there and each vendor has thousands of customers. The interesting thing is that each vendor has the budget to grow their reach. When was the last time you spoke with your key vendors? When was the last time you called and asked how you can sell more together?

When your account manager calls to ask you for more business, ask them how you can grow more business together. If you don’t initiate this conversation, they probably won’t bring it up. Plant some ideas on how you can work together to get new business. Remember that a ‘win’ for you is a ‘win’ for them. Invest in the relationship by showing your commitment.

The ideas are endless how you can support each other. You could create a blog post, webinar session or a short morning breakfast event – everyone is short on time, maybe create a very targeted event on a specific topic.

Investing with the right infrastructure partners.

Investing in your own infrastructure might not be the best use of your financial resources. Are your staff spending time fixing hardware issues when their time could be better spent helping customers?

This is where we come in. Macquarie Cloud Services can help you avoid CAPEX so you can free the cash to be used elsewhere. Our private cloud platform powers some of the largest MSP private clouds in Australia. Their customers pay their monthly bill and the MSP profits on that monthly fee plus all the other services that they wrap around it.

Talk to us today.

We can help you find profit in the services that you are currently providing to your customers but not taking advantage of. Let’s talk not just investment but return too!

Nigel Burke

About the author.

With over 20 years experience in the technology industry, Nigel has developed a strong understanding of traditional and cloud infrastructure. As a Business Development Manager here at Macquarie Cloud Services he helps businesses to solve their complex problems with simple solutions whilst working closely with our partners.

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