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July 16 2021, by Tharindu Ruwanpathirana | Category: Cloud Services

Cloud Discover gives you never seen insight into your on-premise environment.

COVID19; the spark that fuelled the fire for innovation.

2020 was a big year, we all know that. The global events spurred the instant change of varying forms across the world. Whilst the benefit of the change can be debated depending on your political stance, what can not be questioned is the role this change played in driving innovation.

Mandated isolation and social distancing restrictions have been put into place with the advent of the COVID-19 health crisis. A new generation of behaviours are at play more and more organizations are now charting the course for their journeys toward cloud computing and digital transformation.

Changes implemented to protect and preserve a recognisable sense of normality, have now morphed into the stepping stone that sees leading Australian businesses as wanting to be more proactive. Now as we find ourselves in the third quarter of 2021, the attention of many organisations is to address the ‘what if’ and their approach to innovation and transformation as a source of opportunity and not as a result of a threat.

The role of risk when innovating to the cloud.

Cloud adoption has been growingly steadily in Australia and ‘the pandemic validated cloud’s value proposition, and now in 2021 many are beginning to evaluate their cloud options through the lens of innovation. Whilst innovation is the shiny, fun explorative option just on the flip side is the tainted, dangerous and restrictive cousin: risk.

So whilst it comes as no surprise the Australian cloud market is expected to grow by 32% in 2023 the appetite for risk has understandably also lowered as we truly do not know what is around the corner…but what if…you could see if the grass was greener on the other side without moving an inch?

Cloud Discover, is a new innovative tool just launched by Macquarie Cloud Services to do exactly that. The tool, simplified, helps you to understand the right sizing and optimisations available in private, public or hybrid environments. Finally, you will be able to see where is best for your workloads.

The non-invasive engagement bears no risk to your current environment, instead, it arms you with recommendations on how to ensure everything is in the right place.

Products help you survive, it’s service that will make you thrive.

The process is straightforward, three simple steps, you provide us limited access, our expert teams analyse the safely collected data, and then we prepare a full report on how you can take that next step in your cloud journey.

It is worth mentioning, as a product manager, I truly believe we have the best cloud offerings in the market, however, the true value of this engagement is in the expertise and talents of our leading consultants in the market. This is not a standard auto-generated report, but rather one extrapolated, analysed and thought through. Using blueprints from within your industry, coupled with best practice and quite frankly living in the world of cloud – this is what we do, the report will act as a risk-free view of what things could look like for your IT environment, your business and your future.

Innovation, often coupled with evolution has been the ticket to success. We all endured a year where we had to change, what if now we review where we can and want to change – for the better?

To find out more about Cloud Discover by Macquarie Cloud Services, get in touch with the team today.

Tharindu Ruwanpathirana

About the author.

Tharindu Ruwanpathirana (TR) is an experienced product manager who oversees the Macquarie Cloud Platform compute portfolio. TR's area of expertise lies in delivering excellence through managing and enhancing the existing Cloud Platform and developing products from concept to production. TR's well developed multi-disciplined skillset molded over 20-years has seen him as a System Engineer, Solution Architect and other leadership roles enabling him to identify the gaps and develop market relevant products for our customers.

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