Another certification – this time for being a Great Place to Work!

April 14 2021, by Paul Gedeon | Category: Cloud Services

Certification matters.

I have made my position clear, quite frankly I love where I work. I scaled the ranks, I left to try pastures new and returned a few short years later. I get to support and invest in the new talent coming in through our graduate program as well as work and learn from other experienced hires from all over the world and industry. What’s not to love?  I’ll never quite grasp the concept of Sunday blues, but this piece is less about me, and more about our latest certification … stemming from no less than 100% of our staff responding in an independent survey stating Macquarie Cloud Services is a great place to work!

What does it mean to be awarded the certification?  

No doubt many if not all organisations claim they are a great place to work, for productivity, acquisition or retention to name just a few. For us being externally certified as a great place to work not only helps our staff remain true to our values but also ensures we as an organisation do not lose sight of what matters, employee and customer experience. As an organisation built on service, we pride ourselves heavily on customer experience as measured by Net Promoter Score (NPS) (and having recently been awarded as the best in the world, we are not doing too bad!) so it is a natural extension or some might say precursor that we take the same interest and investment in staff engagement and general happiness.

Bigger Picture.

There is also an element of belonging that I want to touch on briefly. It is one thing as an individual to enjoy where you work, to recognise your work matters and to believe your career is on track. It is a whole new sense of euphoria when you realise it’s not just you that thinks those things but rather every single other person you work with. It gives you a sense of identity to keep pushing keep trying because now you really are all in it together.

Being able to truly belong is often discussed in the same vein as knowing who you are and staying true to it. Knowing who you are, what you stand for can help identify an organisation whose values you align with and then can emulate. If you’ve managed to do the former and like what you’ve heard about us so far, our team is always looking for talent to join the ranks, build their career and offer our customers elite customer service. So check out the vacancies we have on offer here.

Paul Gedeon

About the author.

Paul is what we term a boomerang, having started his Macquarie Group journey in the telecom team before pastures new and returning to the cloud services team. Paul lives and breathes customer intimacy and in his role constantly inspires his team to do the same. As our operations manager, he works closely with our PCTO’s, service delivery managers and solution engineers, placing him at the heart of the day to day business operations. His strong passion for leadership, culture and teamwork not only features in his work life but also as a life long fan of Chelsea football club.

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