We know you have a standard design that's tried and true.

Continue to do what you know works for you. We’ve designed our data centres with flexibility in mind. Bring your own designs and blueprints (or custom reference hosting). We can handle it.

Just like a tailor, we can make to measure your colo environment.

  • Fitted racks icon

    Fitted Racks

    We accommodate flexibility in height, depth and width for those special devices that just don't fit the standard mould.

  • Fitted power icon

    Fitted Power

    Everyone gets two rails and we can easily add more. Require direct 3 phase power for high-density computing? Not a problem.

  • Fitted rooms

    Fitted Rooms

    In your own room, only you can see what's inside. Get your own key to your own door. The ultimate in privacy.

  • Fitted cages icon

    Fitted Cages

    Cages securely keep everyone a safe distance away. We maintain efficient cooling across your racks with our dedicated cooling technology.

Macquarie Cloud Services provides custom reference hosting or byo blueprint blue print racks cables

Cabling your way.

If you need a blue cable anywhere in the facility, our cabling infrastructure can connect you. With redundant cable paths and dual telco rooms, you can design highly available networks. Connect anywhere, anytime.

Macquarie Cloud Services offer custom reference hosting or byo blueprint or blue print EMC racks

Cloud your way.

Our Cloud, Storage, Dedicated Servers and other solutions can also fit into your blueprint. In fact we can be your entire IT procurement and onsite hands-on team.

We'll even fit our business into your operations.

Custom Operations: Have a specific and repeatable hands-on task? We can tailor as a standard service to be called upon when needed.

Custom SLG’s: We recognise that you may have specific requirements. We’ll work together to tailor the right outcome.

Custom T&C’s: We tailor terms and conditions to focus on specific tasks and risk management needs.

Macquarie Cloud Services provides custom reference hosting or better known as byo or blueprint (blue print) custom racks

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