They say it's about the journey, not the destination...

With hundreds of applications accessed by thousands of users, cloud server migration can be one of the most stressful tasks to undertake. Exporting, transporting, importing, restoring. This can take days (and even weeks).

We like to do it differently around here. Leveraging the power of replication, your migration is completed within a matter of moments. To us, the journey’s overrated.

Cloud server migration in one click to move your applications.

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It's not magic. It's just done really well.

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    Some of the secret sauce is in the technology we deploy on-site. We replicate, test, and migrate workloads with the click of a button. All this is managed by our dedicated migration teams, headed by our experienced project managers.

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    If you’re moving racks or physical servers, then we know all about transport, safety, insurance and everything in-between. We have long-term partners who specialise in lift-and-shift migrations.

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    How you get from A to B is fundamental to a successful migration. Short-term connectivity options make the journey painless.

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    Our project teams have many years of experience moving customers to the cloud. Our tools and processes provide a logical, predictable and low risk outcome each and every time.

The best RTO and RPO capabilities in the industry.

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    Recovery Time Objective.

    How long until your applications are fully functional post migration.

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    Recovery Point Objective.

    How out-of-date the data is post migration.

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    To start this process we use our migrations consultancy service to look at the challenge ahead and provide options on how to tackle it. We also look at the risk profile, impact, and workload of each application to create a full view of the task at hand. With access to four key migration methods including a cost and benefit analysis for each, we provide a clear and workable outcome for your business.

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    We project manage most cloud migrations to ensure the quality and timeliness of the engagement and ultimately success of the migration. Multi-phased project plans can be created to suit business requirements and to minimise disruption. Temporary resources are an option to reduce time and risk profiles.

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    We can execute the final migrations 24/7 as part of the initial project estimation and risk minimisation targets. Each action has a rollback plan and completion criteria that fits exactly to the technical needs of each application.

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    As a final step, we can trigger your old environments to be shutdown and remove any temporary resources that were required. Simple.

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