In this video, Naran McClung, Head of Azure at Macquarie Cloud Services, talks about the importance of achieving cost optimisation for your Azure environment through our latest platform: Macquarie Lens.

What is Azure Cost Management?

The Azure platform offers a wide array of options and capabilities. However, many organisations are paying too much Azure and consuming features they simply don’t need. Research shows that 52% of Australian IT leaders flag higher than expected cloud costs post-migration as a top concern.

Our Macquarie Lens service can help bring your Azure cost management under control.

Macquarie Lens is a self-service portal that allows you to quickly and securely identify wasted spending and gain new insights into your Azure environments, including compliance, governance and security.

Our consultants will take the insights from Macquarie Lens and consider them against the problems your business is trying to solve and the reasons why you chose Azure in the first place – and provide you with specific recommendations as to how you can optimise your environment.

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