Its all about technology. And people. And their unmatched commitment to personally accountable service to deliver Australia's best customer experience.

We achieved this by our total adoption of Net Promoter Score (NPS). We ask our customers to measure us every day using the simple and powerful Net Promotor Score (NPS) question: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”. This translates into a customer experience score between -100 and +100 with most companies achieving scores in a bell curve in the middle around 0.

When we set the goal of being the best, we decided that we would change everything to achieve this. Nothing was off limits.

We changed the transparency of NPS so everyone internally and externally can see how well we are looking after our customers on a real-time basis. We think it is a world first to share this. Our real-time customer experience score of +88 is the rolling average for the last 3 months.

We changed our systems and processes. We changed our people hiring profile. We changed our bonuses to be based on our NPS score achievement. We empowered our people. And we committed to independent CX Maritz auditing.

Customer’s NPS scoring of our service has transformed us. In an industry known for its seriously bad customer service, we have done the opposite.

Our transformation story.

Our CEO and co-founder David Tudehope shares the journey: “Our NPS journey started with the original ground breaking article in the Harvard Business Review ‘One number you need to grow’ that I read on a long flight from San Francisco 12 years ago. We mistakenly added this one question to our already ridiculously long 50 question annual customer survey. Nothing changed.

Then 4 years ago we made the decision to get serious about NPS scoring and adopt the whole methodology, even the parts that were uncomfortable. We did away with the old annual survey and implemented real time surveys of all the important customer touch points and made NPS the compass by which we made decisions. Interestingly today NPS is so firmly part of our culture that my role has moved on to recognising amazing customer service individuals and identifying new service innovations we can adopt”.

Macquarie Cloud Services David Tudehope