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In many businesses VMware runs everything.

Many of the public clouds out there are not compatible with customers’ existing applications. They are built on proprietary technologies and often require complex (and expensive) application re-writes.

Our cloud is built fully on the VMware by Broadcom platform, allowing you to migrate to the cloud easily and without having to switch hypervisors, enabling you to use the same tools that you and your team are familiar with.

Our VMware Cloud service is built on technology you already know and trust, and it’s managed by experts. This doesn’t just save you time, but also considerable expense.

Why choose a VMware Cloud.


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Migrate your Virtual Machine images with ease.

No changes, just import them directly from your environment into the VMware cloud.

The interface you are used to.

Using vCloud Director, control your environment with technology and terms you already know.

Extend VMware environments.

Powered with NSX, extend your virtual networks directly into the cloud via layer 2 connections. You can maintain your existing network domain and security posture.

All provided by Australia’s only dedicated VMware by Broadcom Showcase Partner.  Find out more

The old way: Cold migration.

  • 1

    Export your existing Virtual Machine image

    Just in your vSphere/vCenter or vCloud interface. Export your image as OVF.

  • 2

    Upload your image file

    You can use our portal, or if it's too large, we can accept many forms of physical storage.

  • 3

    Deploy a new VM from the image

    Everything stays as it was: hardware drivers, IP addresses, disks and your application.

Warm or hot migrations.

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    Warm Migration. vCloud Connector

    Just drag and drop your VM from your environment to ours. Done.

  • 2

    Hot Migration. Powered by Zerto.

    Using Zerto, we replicate your virtual machines into our cloud. One click and they power on. Near zero downtime.

    We are the migration experts. Click here to see why.

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