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  • Legal Industry | Macquarie Cloud Services

    Legal Industry.

    Our extensive Cloud expertise enables legal firms to hold a digital-first approach whilst driving relationships and improving client experience. Our cloud services solutions deliver secure, reliable and scalable environments on which our customers can operate with confidence in knowing that their systems are compliant and always on – wherever they are.

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  • Education.

    The Education sector drives the future of innovation. We are committed enabling innovation by creating an ecosystem in the education space for universities, research institutions, schools and many software providers all within our AARNet connected data centres. Our involvement with CAUDIT lets us support your industry and create solutions tailored for you. We also sponsor key technology events and provide cyber security scholarships to help give back to this valuable industry.

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    Education | Macquarie Cloud Services
  • Managed Service Provider | Macquarie Cloud Services

    Managed Service Providers.

    Our Cloud Solutions for Managed Service Providers are designed to take on all the hard work of managing the capital expenditure, running and operating the data centres and staying at the techological bleeding edge. Together with our tightly integrated and proactive service function, we enable the ability to scale, stay competitive keep the MSP’s focus on what they do best, offer excellent support and value-add services.

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  • Accounting & Finance.

    The Financial & Accounting services industry vertical looks to our service level commitments and compliance as a measure of how well we can work together.  Within these businesses, we often work with the CFO to build a solution that works for them and the growth trajectory they are on. But it’s our PCI and ISO compliance as well as the trust gained with our federal government business that can help reduce risk, and close the deal.

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    Accounting & Finance | Macquarie Cloud Services
  • IT Consulting | Macquarie Cloud Services

    IT Consulting.

    Enabling IT Consulting firms to hold a digital-first approach whilst driving relationships and improving client experience. Coupled with a greater awareness of providers in the marketplace to deliver outcomes for an end customer.

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