Broadcom Pinnacle Partner Announcement

April 2 2024, by Jonathan Staff | Category: Cloud Services

Macquarie Cloud Services Selected as VMware by Broadcom Pinnacle Partner   

In the wake of significant industry changes following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, Macquarie Cloud Services is committed to supporting Australian businesses as a  VMware by Broadcom Pinnacle Partner. This status reflects our long history of VMWare partnership, expertise and customer success across managed service providers (MSPs), mid-sized companies, and enterprises with VMware virtualisation technology.   

Understanding the Pinnacle Partnership  

Being recognized as a Pinnacle Partner, the highest tier within VMware by Broadcom’s partnership hierarchy, underscores our dedication to technical excellence and customer success. This select group, invitation-only, represents partners with extensive expertise and proven success across various sectors, including managed service providers (MSPs), mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. Macquarie Cloud Services is 1 of only 100 Pinnacle Partner worldwide, and 1 of 4 in Australia.   

Further reading and FAQs on the Broadcom Acquisition of VMware here.

Our Role Amidst Industry Changes

Our selection as Pinnacle Partner comes at a crucial time. Many in the VMware community are currently evaluating the implications of Broadcom’s acquisition on their operations and technology strategies. With clients like Bpay Group (part of Australian Payments Plus), Collaboro, and Virtual IT Group (VITG) under our belt, we’ve demonstrated a strong capability in leveraging VMware technology to deliver value, modernised and infrastructure and security.   

Commitment to Our Customers  

As a Pinnacle Partner, we have access to the top tier of discounts on VMware Cloud Foundation solutions, which we can pass directly through to our customers.  

Our purpose has always been about providing our customers with choice and unparalleled service, helping businesses traditionally overcharged and underserviced.

It’s Always Good to Have Options

Many in the VMWare community are exploring what the Broadcom acquisition means for their business and perhaps their end users.  

We know Broadcom is deeply committed to their flagship cloud product, VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). VCF integrates vSphere, vSAN, HCX, NSX, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and the Aria Suite. This combination provides stability, scalability, and consistency in the cloud. Additionally, customers get unified VM and container management, cloud-scale networking, automated provisioning, and robust platform-based security.   
Many will still choose to leverage VMware by Broadcom technology and need new avenues to do that. 
We have a proven track record of delivering the best value, experience, and security for VMware workloads. We are completely equipped and ready to deliver platforms and services with VCF.

For MSPs impacted by Broadcom changes, we offer secure, compliant white label and licensing options to minimise disruption and protect end user experience.    
Some businesses will view the VMware licensing changes as a catalyst to accelerate their cloud transformation plans. As hybrid cloud experts, we are perfectly positioned to help you on that journey, matching right workload to cloud platform, controlling costs and enabling consistent security, operations and governance across hybrid cloud environments.   

Where to next

We know many businesses are still uncertain about the Broadcom acquisition changes and what to do next.  Macquarie Cloud Services has incredible depth in our private and hybrid cloud capabilities and are committed to guiding Australian businesses to the most cost optimised and secure position following the Broadcom changes.     

Get in touch with one of hybrid cloud experts today to chat through your goals and our Broadcom Optimise Assessment which includes:   

Infrastructure Optimisation: Given Broadcom’s shift to metering based on physical cores.   

Licensing and Procurement: Navigating the new licensing models and procurement options.   

Evergreen Operations: Ensuring your operations remain up-to-date and efficient.   

Cost and Environmental Predictability: Managing costs effectively while considering environmental impacts.   

VCF Features: Exploring the full benefits of the VMware Cloud Foundation suite.   

Risk, Governance, and Compliance: Addressing new risks and compliance requirements in this changing landscape.   

Get in touch.

Please get in touch and one of our cloud experts can provide advice on landing the most cost optimised and secure solution for your business.  

We look forward to working with our customers and Broadcom on this next chapter as we continue to deliver exceptional private and hybrid cloud outcomes backed by unparalleled support and customer service. 

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