Millennial thoughts for those starting their career.

October 16 2020, by Stephen Rozanc | Category: Cloud Services

A lot has changed since I started my career at Macquarie Cloud Services 8 years ago. One thing is for sure though – students are still graduating, the hunt for early careers is still on and companies, like ours, are looking for talent to join the ranks.

Get in the zone

On the soccer field before a big game, it was always important to ‘get in the zone’, but it’s only when talking to my colleagues, friends and family I recognised it’s being out of my zone, my comfort zone that is, that has driven me here at Macquarie Cloud Services.  Being outside of your comfort zone can mean many things, for me it was taking on such a technical role – although technology has always been a personal passion it’s something I didn’t academically study. The certifications I embarked upon here soon granted me the ‘academic tick’ I thought I was missing. There is a significant difference in a company that claims to invest in their people and those that actually do.


As the company continues to hire young talent, I often get asked if there are things I’d tell my younger self, not the easiest question! But having given it some thought it’d be: to be open to new experiences and take risks that may not have always been on the ‘pathway’.

With the age-old question of ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years’ rife from my parents and teachers, (and even interviewers) it can be easy to get so focused on a set route to a particular destination. Make sure you’re always open to different pathways to get to the destination – you may find yourself surprised!

For me personally, a secondment to the product management team gave me a real insight to the commercial side of how a business is run (and how to build great products!). Working as a technical account lead helped me gain valuable experience in learning how our customers use our services and products. And now, as a Cloud Architect, I get to build & improve the products, knowing first hand that they will serve real customer needs. Being flexible has always served me well.

Being an individual within a team

When I think back to my soccer playing days, while we all wore the same jersey – we had our number and name to mark our individuality. Here at Macquarie Cloud Services it feels somewhat similar. I work for Macquarie Cloud Services in a team of Cloud Architects, but it is our Personal Brand that sets us all apart.

When I think back to my early career, I felt self-imposed pressure to mimic or follow in the footsteps of those ahead and above me. What I’ve since learnt is that I don’t need to be someone else to be successful – in fact, it’s the opposite. Playing to my own strengths, aligning with our values, yet still holding on to what makes me “me” helps bring a unique perspective to the team. In a way, it’s OK to be the same but different. Final Whistle

So whilst it’s been quite the journey with varying pathways, the learning is not over. At least it’s not for me. To see if the Macquarie Graduate Program could be the challenge you are looking for, click here to find out more and start your application.

About the author.

Stephen is a Cloud Architect within Macquarie Cloud Services. His varied background offers an insight into providing solutions he knows will solve real life problems for our customers. Stephen also acts as a buddy and mentor for those joining the Macquarie Cloud Services Graduate Program recognising the importance of early careers to our customer facing teams.

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