Partnering to secure the cloud: Macquarie Cloud Services and Trend Micro.

April 26 2018, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Cloud Services

When it comes to Cloud design and implementation, security isn’t a question. It’s the question.

It’s hard. And getting harder. Last year, over 31% of Australian organisations were breached0 and 75% lost data1. New mandatory breach reporting legislation that went live in February 2018 means this can no longer be considered an ‘IT issue”. It’s now a legal issue. A brand issue. A board issue. A trust issue, and more. Fortunately, Australian organisations are at the leading edge of the global response to these growing threats. In fact, already 42% of CEO’s have made cyber security a management KPI2.

Cloud solutions continue to free time, money and talent from legacy in-house, on-premises operations to reinvest in what comes next. Your Cloud Security providers and partners have never been more important. 64% of Australian executives see specialist providers as the answer to delivering new capabilities faster3 and over 91% have staged, or plan to stage, a multi-Cloud model4. If Cloud solutions are the answer, then security can be an Achilles heel.

Enter Trend Micro.

No one provider does everything. And certainly not everything best-of-all. It’s why a defence-in-depth model with complementary partners is the right model for today. And tomorrow.

And it’s at the heart of why Macquarie Cloud Services, Australia’s most-recommended Cloud provider1, is now working with IDC’s global leader in server security in physical, virtual and cloud environments, Trend Micro5.

Macquarie Cloud Services are VMware by Broadcom’s exclusive Australian Showcase Partner. So Trend Micro’s strategic alliance with VMware by Broadcom allows for deep integration for your Cloud or the LAUNCHTM platform. Significantly, both have invested deeply in human-in-the-loop systems providing specialist support for their respective technologies. For Trend Micro, this means around-the-clock protection backed by Trend Micro’s global threat intelligence network. For Macquarie Cloud Services, this means the CMND team of insourced, locally based, NV1 certified engineers over here, not over there, for immediate, local and personal support.

How it works?

The Trend Micro Deep Security PlatformTM, centres around Anti-Virus (AV) and Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention (HIPS) and features:

  • Access to the new Trend Deep Security Manager portal, enabling more granular visibility and control over security services.
  • Signature updates managed seamlessly by Macquarie Cloud Services and backed by Trend Micro’s 1000-strong 24/7 Smart Intelligence Network.
  • Secure by default Role Based Access Controls (RBAC).
  • The in-depth, on-demand logging, reporting, monitoring and alerts your security, legal and compliance obligations demand.
  • Customisation. The Deep Security PlatformTM can be tailored to your preferred design e.g. with optional log forwarding or scan exceptions.

Cloud services diagram

In keeping with its commitment to the tools your already know and trust, both the Deep Security Portal and the single-panel-of-glass MacquarieView Suite are integrated. This represents a significant capability – after all, Macquarie Cloud Services have developed millions of lines of code for unified tools employed by Government, Telco and business organisations nationwide.

Comparing complex cloud solutions – and providers – can be hard. Partnering to secure the cloud provides a clear pathway to what comes next. Talk to Australia’s most-recommended Cloud provider, about what the defence-in-depth model can mean for you.

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