See your Azure environment clearly through Macquarie Lens

December 1 2021, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Cloud Services

With the industry skills gap dominating headlines, life after the pandemic is bringing brand new challenges for businesses across Australia. What exactly those challenges look like, is yet to be seen.

With many keen to see the last two years squared away, we all know more challenges and changes could suggest more cost. With Australia set to hit $10.6bn spend on public cloud to service ever-changing demands the question quickly turns to where is the new budget for yet more freedoms to come from? The answer: optimisation.

With only 35% of public cloud customers realising the full benefit of their platform and many still experiencing bill shock, it’s time for a change.

Launching Macquarie Lens.

To fulfil our continued promise to delight customers in a market that is notoriously under-served and overcharged, we are proud to launch a brand-new self-service tool, Macquarie Lens, designed to create cost savings of up to 26% on average within Azure environments.

Our dedicated practice team, in collaboration with strategic partner  CloudHealth by VMware have produced Australia’s first self-service tool giving businesses an opportunity to identify deep and unique insights covering cost, security and governance throughout their Azure environment.  The automated service, which took 8 months to develop, through read-only rights highlights where efficiencies can be monetised and redeployed into other areas such as training, development, and opportunities for innovation.

We’ve optimised, Azure optimisation.

As we all know money is just one resource when it comes to change, others of course include time and skill. The self-service portal fast tracks the overall maturity of your Azure environment with reports as early as 7 days, with a guided walk through of what good looks like after 28 days. This walk through is a tailored report, analysed by our leading principal consultants so that you aren’t just faced with graphs and charts but rather suggestions and answers. Deciphered from thousands of pages from the Cloud adoption framework as well as benchmarks from the CIS and best practices around governance.

With the skills shortage being seen across a spectrum of industries optimising enables business heads to not only free up time employees spent on tasks outside their remit,  no doubt contributing to burn out but also to reduce cost and ease the load for employees to funnel extra capacity into training programmes and career progression.

This launch wraps up 2021 as the year three major milestones for the team here including the fastest Australian partner to receive achieve Microsoft Azure Expert MSP designation relative to company inception in July, as well as our invitation to become one of the first Australian Expert MSP partners in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) in September.

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