Something to celebrate in 2020

July 21 2020, by Tony Pandher | Category: Cloud Services

Inside looking out.

Last year I posted an article about how proud I am to work for Macquarie Cloud Services, and how honoured I am to be part of this championship winning team.

Fast forward 12 months, and what a year we have had from bush fires, to floods, losses of industry defining influencers of the likes of Bill Withers and Kobe Bryant. 2020 has had us all face the global pandemic of COVID-19 and look at ourselves as human beings with the Black Lives Matter movement taking front and centre stage after the death of George Floyd.

The year has amplified how important respect and culture in both our personal life and our workplace are. We are realizing just how much for granted we take feeling safe, being able to travel and seeing loved ones overseas.

Just having the ability to sit in an office together with our colleagues and to be able to high five each other when we win. The experience of a hug when we are not feeling so great, are now things that are now evaporating. New phrases like ‘social distancing’ are now quickly becoming the new norm.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that that being recognised as being a great place to work means even more, and that we must do more each day for our people.

For the first time in its 27-year history, Macquarie Cloud Services has hit a market cap value of $1billion, this is from a business I joined 8 years ago and was valued at less than $200million. We had an attrition rate of 80% in the 1st year, now we have 0%. We had a Net Promoter Score of -70, now we are so proud to have +85. We score 4.9+ with our Gallup Engagement surveys and have grown as a business half on half for the last 12 halves. Now all these statistics look amazing, but none of them can really highlight the key to our success – Our People and Our Culture.

Outside looking In.

This is where we again decided to participate in the 50 Best Places to Work Study, which is  run annually by The Great Place to Work® Institute. The Great Place to Work® Institute specialises in conducting research and study around the globe to uncover and recognise the leading workplaces in each country. The methodology their study adopts is thoroughly tested and is the global benchmark of workplace excellence and uncovering the role that ‘trust’ plays in workplace culture. We took time out to visit a number of other companies that had been past participants, to see how we stacked up, and felt we absolutely had something special.

As part of the process of enrolling to be independently audited by the Institute, all our people were sent a survey to complete anonymously, with all feedback being sent directly to the Great Place to Work Institute®.


On the back of this independent study, I’m ecstatic to announce that we have been awarded one of the Best Places to Work in Australia. In fact, more than that we are the 13th Best Place to Work in Australia – WOW! A tremendous testament to our team culture, employee empowerment and the ability to make a difference. This was summed up well by an anonymous response from an employee stating ”This is one of the best places to work, as each and every one of us is able to make a difference. People work together for the best outcomes for our customers and collaborate so well.”

The reports and feedback generated have provided us with practical knowledge and further insights in how to continue to transform our workplace and to build upon being in the Top 20 Best Places to Work in Australia. Feedback and thought leadership from our people, our people best practice and knowledge sharing, we’ll continue to invest and empower our workforce to continue to be seen by our people as the Best Place to Work in Australia.

Our People are the difference. This is just the beginning of our journey. As we aim to eventually become industry-leading as Australia’s Greatest Workplace. So watch this space! In the mean time check out our current vacancies for your chance to join the team!

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