Stop saying digital transformation and act to ensure your legal firm evolves

September 21 2020, by Sean Bardon | Category: Cloud Services

Just because organisations are investing in IT & Technology they don’t have to call it digital transformation – there we go I’ve said it! Some organisations and in some cases entire industries, need to transform the way they operate but overuse of this phrase is doing more harm than good – at the very least it’s giving me a headache when mentioned with no context! The celebrity status given to the term, is masking the true benefits of using IT and technology. The wins of enhancing employee and customer experience, driving efficiencies, innovating delivery, mitigating risk and upskilling talent – all of which benefit the bottom line – are being overlooked.

Talking with our marketing team they will be the first to say “but the SEO, the crawlers, the hashtags” so I know that simply substituting the phrase is not the way to go -but how about we really state what it is organisations are doing or should be doing: maturing their digital footprint, becoming digitally enabled, evolving their offering through IT and technology approaches and principles. Transformation implies it can be completed and that there is an end destination. No firm, not one I have worked for or with, has ever considered themselves as ‘digitally transformed’. It is ongoing.

In this together

Not that long ago only a handful of industries were threatened by ultimatum of evolving their digital footprint or die out. The retail industry springs to mind with consumers expecting an omnichannel experience spanning the digital, personal and physical interaction with their favourite outlets. However, the announcement on March 21st of the global pandemic, put most if not all industries into the ‘invest to survive not just thrive’ bucket.

COVID19 has forced companies and industries to speed up their rate of evolution. The pandemic placed new demands on businesses to navigate not just the government imposed lock down but now also the easing of restrictions too. For example, legal firms initially raced to ensure their staff could work remotely as offices quickly become inaccessible whereas now remote working has become the norm, but the request and reliance for secure electronic signing platforms to conduct business a new necessity.

Working with key customers including Holman Webb has shown us the appetite of leading legal firms to use technology to drive experience that will develop into a key differentiator for their existing and prospective clients.

Leading legal firms can thrive

Understanding how legal firms can use technology to evolve their offering for clients and employees has produced 5 key points for leading practices to address within their IT strategy, approaches and principles.

Click here to find out more and to start driving greater profitability for your legal firm in the post COVID19 world.

Sean Bardon

About the author.

Sean is a Principal Consultant in our Macquarie Cloud Services business unit, He brings a strong engineering background across a broad range of hybrid cloud technologies to the team, Sean has a reputation of turning business requirements into high functioning and cost efficient solutions that adapt to suit the ever evolving technology demand. Sean has worked on various high exposure projects and with that brings a wealth of knowledge to table and is ready to help our you on your cloud adoption journey.

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