Tape is officially old school.

The foundation of every business continuity and disaster recovery plan? Offsite storage and backup.

However, tape is difficult and slow to get going. Never mind that it can take hours or days to get data back and running again.

Managing backup is a full time task – made worse by the large amounts of upfront capital needed to make it happen.

With our disk-based backup as a service you can improve your recovery objectives (RTO/RPO) with minimum fuss and investment.

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Cost-effective. Efficient. Scalable.

Macquarie Cloud Services are cloud hosting and colocation specialists offering back up as a service

Intelligent Deduplication

No data is ever backed up twice. This reduces server load, time and the amount of data to be transferred.

Resilient Storage

Highly available, cross-site storage hosts your backed-up data in another data centre location. Full backup images are always online and ready for restoration 24×7, which allows you to abandon the lengthy RTO’s of traditional media, but not the retention capacity. In fact, our extended retention is available for up to 7 years.

Single Step Recovery

Data rehydration is a single step process initiated by you through our online portal. You can restore only the files and blocks that have changed since your chosen date by utilising intelligent delta comparisons. So you reduce the load on your target, while benefiting from rapidfire RTOs.

Self Service & Simplified Management

Get live reports online, or set up notifications. Either way, you’ll retain full control of filesystem and application restoration through our online management portals – all backed by our 24×7 support teams.

Fast, Flexible Integration

Available for Colocation and in Macquarie’s cloud. Backup files, or entire virtual machine images, in real time. Alternatively, bring your own software and choose to tier off infrequently accessed backed-up data to us.

Three simple steps and you’re covered. Here's how:

  • 1

    Simple Setup

    We'll deploy our Backup-as-a-Service agent on your server - virtual or physical. Simply indicate the data level of either the Virtual Machine, the Filesystem, or the Database (*where supported).

  • 2

    Faster Backup

    Perform full daily backing up of your data at your chosen retention period (up to 7-years). Deduplication ensures only changed data is transferred from client to server minimizing load and ensuring quick backup windows.

  • 3

    Instant Restore

    Always online backups are ready for restore at the touch of a button.

Backup as a Service to the rescue.

"“...What we have done through our partnership with Macquarie Telecom is focus on achieving economies of scale; in the long term saving us millions of dollars without having to invest in building our own facilities or managing them...” "

Steve McEwan
Technical Services Manager, UTS

Backup as a Service. On the worlds best technology.

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