You have hundreds of applications in your business, however, it’s near impossible to find one platform that can run them all.

Some are legacy and others cloud forward, but you don’t want five different companies running your IT infrastructure.

We’ve got you covered. Our deeply interconnected hybrid cloud can integrate colocation, dedicated servers, private clouds and even connections to public clouds such as AWS, Azure and or Google Cloud

Put your workloads on the platform where it makes sense. And we’ll help manage it all with you.

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The Hybrid Cloud. Simplified.

The Hybrid Cloud diagram

In short, using a hybrid approach means adopting the capability to blending; on-premise, public cloud, private cloud, dedicated hosting and colocation (colo). When you’ve spent time and money setting up your servers it’s comforting to know that there are solutions out there that allow you to leverage your existing set up. And we’re here to show that making your cloud more scalable or resilient doesn’t have to be a huge headache.

That’s where Macquarie’s hybrid IT or hybrid cloud comes to the discussion. We’re flexible and we can adapt to almost any configuration. We provide various bespoke solutions and hybrid IT combinations to fit your needs. So no matter your cloud needs, we keep it simple and deliver hybrid cloud solutions that make you smile.

Here's what we offer.

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