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For some, storage is something that’s out of sight and out of mind. But last year 82% of Australian organisations lost data1. At a time when over 71% of IT budgets are consumed by legacy systems and processes2, every decision has to uplift performance and free time, money and talent for what comes next. Storage is no exception.

Our Object Storage solutions are based on our LaunchTM Cloud platform, our own Australian Data Centres and a 100-strong CMND engineering team over here, not over there, to deliver:

  • Archive Tiering. Boost your primary storage performance + lower total storage costs
  • Media Tier Storage. Scale storage cost-effectively as you grow
  • Cloud Native Apps. Deliver easy global addressing and reduce complexity for Cloud native Apps
  • Enhanced Security. With data encryption in flight, device separation and enhanced policies e.g. versioning
  • Better outcomes by design. Goodbye tape. Hello Cloud

Object Storage

Australia’s most-recommended Object Storage Provider3.

We’re different. Where some talk about a generic ‘journey to the cloud’ we take the time to understand your environment, the solutions you have in place and where you want to go. Talk to our team about the right Object Storage execution for you, and find out why easy quota management, expertise-on-demand, data durability, transparent pricing and service assurance are just the beginning.

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1. Ovum Research Australia, 2016

2. Gartner Australia, 2016; vForum Oct17

3. https://macquariecloudservices.com/blog/what-is-net-promoter-score-nps/